Sunday, February 12, 2012

More change

As a person that went to school for interior design, you would think I would appreciate change in my interior design more.  lol.  But it seems that in my old age, status quo is comfortable.  Change throws a monkey wrench into things.  So imagine my surprise that along with all the design ideas rattling around in my brain lately, came the idea of how I needed to change my studio space.  Which meant cleaning off and moving not one, but TWO, cases full of stuff.  I wish I had a before pic - in fact I thought I had one somewhere, so I didn't take one.  Can't find it though, I'm assuming it's lost somewhere in the 'tween of the old laptop to new laptop transfer.  But is the after.  Ah.  Much better.  Doors that close to not only hide some of clutter (mostly display boards and trays), but also to protect some of the jewelry pieces from light, dust and dog hair. 

Basically, the blond cabinet with doors is what I added, and removed the open book shelf that was standing there. ( I switched spaces with them - the bookshelf now has it's home in the dark of the hallway. ) And you can't see it very well in this photo, but the matching shelving unit to the blond cabinet is on the far end of my desk, holding all the trays of seed beads ~ color coded, of course.  This feels better, and gives more room behind me - it was gettin' hard to roll around back there!  I would still like to add a shelf to the wall in front of the desk, but am happy with what I've done.  For now.  It all really started with the thought that, come November, when I participate in the Holidays in Holt craft show, that there could be literally 100's of people passing through my house - so I need as much under cover as possible, not just to make it look nicer, but for safety too.  I know, November is a loooooong way away, but with the show schedule quickly coming, and the HOPE of having much free veranda lounging time this summer, the sooner I get that one thing out of the way, the better.
Well, back to the bead table for my last day of beading freedom.  I've completed several pair of earrings, the black and white cab piece I posted on Facebook, and completed the layout on the design board of how the strap will look for that piece as well.  Consensus says I need to fringe it - so I'll be working on completing that task soon, too.  My schedule next week is pretty crazy (and MORNING crazy, too, silly me), so it may not get done as quickly as I hope!
Peaceful SUN-day beading (and it is a sunny day, too)

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