Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sneek Peek

Yesterday's Bead Table Wednesday beads are becoming something quite unique - just as I suspected.  And of course,  NOTHING like what I originally envisioned.  Here is that sneek peek of where I am this morning.  Heading out for my yearly optical check up, though, and because they will be dilating these baby blues, I may not get back to this until later this evening. 

The name that came to me for what I had together yesterday was "Wynter's Path".  However - the pearls have given it a much more vintage look than I had expected, so it is now "Vintage Wynter".  I have two more sections to add to the main focal, sort of a bib affect, I THINK.  I am also considering working some thin silver chain into the actual embroidery too.  Once again - totally different than I envisioned.  That may have to be ANOTHER piece!
Have a peaceful, beady Thursday, everyone

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