Friday, February 24, 2012

Drumrolling, part 2

I had to resort to plan B.  The focal, the way I showed it in the previous post, just didn't hang right once I had the necklace portion created.  I was afraid of that, but was so excited that I had gotten so far that I felt I need to try various things before giving up.  Luckily, I was on a bead play date with my friend Sally the other day, and she suggested that I make them three separate pendants, (as I had originally thought) that can be changed out, depending on  your mood.  And ONE of them has a pin on the back - so it can be worn as a brooch.  I really like the simpleness of plan B better, anyway, I think.  How about you?:

This is focal piece 1, with the simple spiral rope necklace.  Each pendant bail is large enough to slide off the rope:

Here are the second two:

All in all - very happy with the result.  Hope they're a seller! 
And on a sort of related note - I LOVE the affect that the closed cover of my laptop gives to the background of my jewelry pieces.  I used to take the time to lay out fabric, or find the right size display, but I gotta tell ya - I love the contrast of the gray background. 
Now I've gotta come up with another project!  Probably bead embroidery, as my play date the other day consisted of actually showing Sally, previously just a stringer, how to bead embroider.  And wouldn't you know?  We've addicted another one!  She was so excited to learn not just bead embroidery, but peyote stitch too.  She still has to learn to attach the backing (sometimes the most boring part, I think), and also what to do about finishing the piece.  But all in all - how fun that I taught someone else one of my favorite passions?  I know that what she's going to want to focus on for our next few dates, so I better be prepared.  I may have to loan her a Sherry Serafini or Jamie Cloud Eakin book too.  Those will really push her over the addiction edge!  LOL!
Peaceful beading everyone,

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