Sunday, June 24, 2012

And the winner is....

Inge!  We've been in touch, and I'll be sending her goodies out to her in the next week or so.  Thanks to all of you for participating by commenting for the give away - that was kind of exciting!  May have to do that again when I reach 20,000 visitors!

Off to the first of four Marketplace shows today.  Actually, my prosperity group and I are trying NOT to call them shows, but rather events - because SHOW lends the energy of just SHOWING people my work (which has generally been the case in the past).  EVENT lends more of an energy of things HAPPENING, and in my case BUYING!  So I'm off to the first of four Marketplace EVENTS today - the sky is not looking very blue, but we're under cover of the pavilion and it's not supposed to be an all day rain - just hit or miss.  MOST of us Michiganders won't be stopped by a chance of anything - rain, snow, sleet or hail.  Sort of like the postman!

And switching it up for just a minute:  A few more garden progression photos.  This morning glory vine AMAZES me.  We started this from SEEDS - and it just keeps growing, and growing and growing.  I think they're just as pretty when they're closed up for the night.  It's my favorite part of my garden this year....

Have a beautiful Sunday.  I'll post of my Marketplace SUCCESS! in the morning.
Peaceful beading, TTFN

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