Saturday, June 16, 2012


I finally get to participate in the Bead Soup Blog Party!  I've been having to miss it, or having glitches come up for the last THREE times I've tried.  But now I'm in, and I'm ready to GO!  Lori has asked us to blog about this topic to get things started:

 how/why you became a jewelry designer, and what you like best about it. 

The CONDENSED version (since I truly wrote an entire book on this subject a few years ago) - I was bored, needed a HOBBY, and thought I'd try bead weaving.  20 years later, it is MY LIFE. During the course of that time I've become an intermediate/advanced seed beader, and also owned my bead store for a time.  LOTS of work, which, given the right conditions, I would consider doing again - because it's also rewarding.   There are so many reasons that I have made beads my passion that it's hard to say which is BEST - but I'd have to say the sense of satisfaction in knowing that I've created something new, and usually something totally original, different from anyone else's.  If you take the time to scroll down through some of my past posts, you'll see many a photo of my pieces - I use my garden, and my love of metaphysics as inspiration - working with semi precious gemstones, goddess and fairy themes, as well as lots and lots of FLOWERS.  What girl doesn't love flowers?  :0)

I hope you'll stop by a few times before the hop - I do have some new things to 'show off!'.  And of course, apologies to those of you new to the babble page - much love and slobbering over my dogs, too - photos included. 

I'll be grabbing the link to the party from Lori in the next few days.

Happy Hopping,  and peaceful beading,


A Polymer Penchant said...

Interesting! I agree with you whole heartedly - what's not to love about flowers! I have a piece rolling around my head at the moment inspired by my poppies.

coolmoon said...

POPPIES! POPPIES! Can't help but reference Wizard of Oz whenever I hear/see the word Poppies. Have fun with the inspiration - I was once inspired by Clematis vine, and created 'Clematis Lattice'. turned out beautifully....