Friday, June 29, 2012

Change for the better

At least I hope so.  Once again, I'll be making changes to my space at Coyote Wisdom.  I've been trying to sell BEADS there for over a year - and after speaking with Connie about it this week, have decided that they just aren't selling that well.   My jewelry sales, though - are pretty steady.   And since by pulling out the beads, I can free up about 4 shelves worth of space to display and sell more of that jewelry, I'll be getting started right away.   My full day shift is coming up tomorrow.  Perfect.   Planning to add more turquoise jewelry - for some reason I seem to be lacking in that.  Also planning a shelf of 'clearance' semi precious jewelry that I hope will finally GO.
Just gotta keep tryin', ya know? 

Another change for the better - this piece:

"Aware".  I still had the bead shop when I started her, so it's been well over two years ago.  It was difficult to work on big detailed pieces there - many interuptions - not necessarily to help my customers, which I ALWAYS welcomed, but to help at the antique shop register.  Not always so welcomed, and rarely appreciated by the owners. (Don't get me started).
So anyway, in search of a project to help stimulate that 'mojo', I started pulling out drawers and peeking inside.  Maybe it was the HOT pink.  Maybe it was the smiling face.  But SOMETHING screamed - FINISH ME!  FINISH ME!  So I've begun.  Instead of a freeform net neck piece on BOTH sides, I've combined them both onto one, and will complete the other side (yep, asymmetrical AGAIN) with big round chain links and some wrapped loops.  I need to tweak the bottom and side just a bit, too.  I think she'll be much happier in her new form....
I also hear from my Bead Soup Challenge partner Sally Anderson that she's shopping for MY SOUP tomorrow.  HER soup is winging it's way to California as we 'speak'.  WHEEEE!
Hot week - so stay cool.
Peaceful beading,

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