Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another day...another blog

Blogging again.  Babbling again.  Gotta keep myself out there so that when the soup's all on and ready, people will know me and hopefully, LOVE ME!
My posts aren't nearly as poignant and truthful as some (Lori-beautiful, and not nearly as full of photos as many (my lack of a camera on my phone is my excuse!), but I try. 
My soup partner, Sally Anderson just notified me that she received her soup ingredients on Saturday - and loves it!  YAY!  It's what we're all the most nervous about, as we found mentioned in one of the posts on our Facebook group page Bead Soup Cafe -!/groups/BeadSoupCafe/
And since I pretty much never met a bead I didn't like (although I do own some duds that will need some disguise and TLC), I'm sure I'll love what she is sending me tomorrow.  My fear is that my mojo will not be working and I'll not know what to do with them!  Horrors!
So in the meantime, trying to KEEP that mojo workin' - I've used some of the beads that I pulled from Coyote yesterday to create some new things that I'll take in to display next week.  Used turquoise of some form in all of them:


and "Flutter".

I meant to take new pictures of the 'new' space yesterday, and even took the camera with me.  But - doh.  Forgot all about it until I had the lights all turned off and was ready to scoot out at the end of the day.  Hopefully one day soon....

And on a totally NON-bead note - steaming up our first batch of green beans grown in our own garden! 

Can't wait to taste them - I bet they taste soooo much better than even Farmer's Market beans.    They'll accompany some grilled and barbequed pork chops, and a couple ears of corn, too.
Summer tastes.  aaaaaahhhh.
Peaceful beading,

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful necklaces you made. I made a necklace with a lot of the beads you sent me and I like it a lot. I will send you a picture.