Thursday, July 5, 2012

More free beads!

Only not from me this time.  My fellow bead friend CJ Bauschka is giving away a portion of her own home stash!  Head on over to her blog for a chance to win - there will be TWO lucky winners!  Yahoo!
Also - yesterday was an extremely productive beading day - not only did I finish "Aware" (see previous post), but I've also reached a more completed point of "Rebirth":

Ready to add the backing, and then the next step is to complete the cabs for the neck portion - some nice calcite and petersiete pieces.    This will probably get back burnered though - in favor of my Bead Soup piece - as soon as my package arrives.  I'm tempted to go stand by the box and wait for the mail truck.  Which will be later than usual due to the mid-week holiday.  Waiting (aka patience) is not a strong suit in this case!
Hope everyone is staying cool and powered.  I know of a few who aren't though, so I hope it's finally electric where you are (DOT!)
Peaceful beading,

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