Monday, July 16, 2012

My mojo brought a friend

At least that's what it seems like this week, because boy, are the ideas just pouring out of my head.  Here are the beads and pretties that I put together today to accompany the cool butterfly wing pendant pieces I got last week:

Plus - "Rebirth" is a bit more complete.  This is one of the strap accent cabochons; just needs edging to attach the Ultrasuede....

But mostly - now that I've completed my big blog challenge piece, I've still got more beads and pieces and parts and FUN stuff to play with before the reveal date.  Here is a 'sneak peak" of something else I've created with all the bright bold beads received from my partner, Sally Anderson:

And then of course, I'm sure once I have attended my class at the Great Lakes Bead Guild with the wonderfully talented Rachel Nelson Smith on Wednesday - I'll HAVE to add yet one more fun project to the list. 

So there's been a whooooole lotta beadin' goin' on around here the last few days, and with the heat index expected to hit over 100 degrees AGAIN on Tuesday (goodbye outdoor concert plans :o(  )
I just may get even more done.   HELLLLLO MOJO, and Mojo's friend!  Lovin' it!
Peaceful beading,

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