Sunday, July 8, 2012

Now THAT'S more like it!

Beautiful, gorgeous, COOL, and SUCCESSFUL day at the DeWitt Art in the Park show today!  Yahooooooo! 
I didn't sell a lot of stuff, but rather some QUALITY stuff - and also got TWO custom orders!
It was another 'ugly duckling' day - the FIRST thing I sold was a bracelet that had sat on my table for weeks and weeks, half finished, I couldn't even decide if I wanted to finish it, then partially redid some, added some funky steampunk parts, and slapped a tag on it.  Hated that thing.  And yet it brought me the biggest sale of the day.  You just never know. 
We had a perfect day for this event - had it been earlier in the week, or even just yesterday, both Claudia (my tent partner) and I probably would have backed out.  But today was perfect - we got a shady spot, there was just enough of a breeze to make it interesting a few times (chasing wayward flyers and spilled jewelry), but no one was complaining.  This was a beautiful park, on the banks of the Looking Glass River, that runs in the downtown area of DeWitt - so it gets MUCH traffic.

We both already plan to attend this event again next year - I bet it grows and grows (above is just a portion of the curving walkway and vendors).  We were both a bit unsure about being 'parked' right next to the play area (neither of us are 'kid' people), but found that it was a GOOD thing - because the parents could shop, and look at their leisure while still keeping an eye on the rug rats.  Win-win.
Looking forward to a relaxing week here at home, enjoying my garden (more photos soon of the magical morning glory vine that's sort of like Jack's beanstalk), my BEADS, my dogs, and my life.  It's a pretty darn good one right now.
Bead Soup Challenge piece update:  The main piece that includes both the focal AND the clasp, is still back to pieces and square one.  BUT - I have completed something else really really funky cool with some of the other pieces and parts I got from Sally.  Of course, you have to wait until the REVEAL to see it!
Peaceful beading,

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