Saturday, July 28, 2012

It may be awhile

Strange doin's at the Stephens household this week.  First I had that horrendous bout with a nasty bug, which I then gave to my husband - and we're both still holding on to a cough that won't quit.  He has even chosen to NOT attend the reception of our beautiful niece and her husband today - which surprises me, since it's HIS side of the family.  
We're also experiencing another internet outage - forcing me to actually get up, and get OUT of the house everyday and drive to the coffee shop around the corner.  I suppose I don't really NEED to check my status updates, or my email, for what could be days - but I consider the updates and email that I get from family, friends, and beading contacts IMPORTANT - and I don't like to miss them for too long.  Or maybe it's just an addiction.  Either way - here I sit at Biggby, again, for the 3rd time in two days. Which can also be expensive, since I don't really like to take advantage of the wifi without partaking of a beverage, or two, or.... :o/.
What's the internet issue?  We wish we knew.  Our providers' customer service people keep coming up with the most outrageous excuses - and yet have not come up with a solution this time around.  (This isn't the first time - but it IS the longest time without).  We may need to consider kicking them to the curb - so you may need to watch for new contact info coming from me - AND I may have to waste yet one more box of business cards by having to change my email address - AGAIN.
As for the Bead Soup Blog Party - I'm going to have to put off hopping until I can do it from home.  Sitting here at the coffee shop is not a comfortable (cozy - but not long term) OR secure - so it isn't condusive to lots of photos and 'hopping' from site to site easily AND quickly.  SOOOO bummed.  But - since we were supposed to be out of town today anyway - I'm hoping all will be good to hop very soon.  And I WILL have this resolved by the time I'm ready to do my own reveal at the end of August. 
What a week.  Glad it's almost over.  But gotta tell is absolutely gorgeous outside.  So I'm going to sign off, go home, take advantage of having no internet (so no excuse to sit in front of the screen), grab a book, and sit on the 'veranda' all day.  And maybe (probably!) BEAD.
Peaceful beading,


flyingbeader said...

That sucks Sheryl...I know when our power was out those three days I went through internet withdrawl!

Unknown said...

Oh wow I can SO relate! Luckily you have Blogger so you can SCHEDULE your post to appear at midnight while you sleep. It seems my internet goes out at the worst times but luckily I live a couple blocks away from our library and they DO NOT disconnect their wifi connection so I have been parked in their lot at odd hours finalizing one of my weekly BFF features. Looking forward to seeing your soup! Shelley Graham Turner

Jinks said...

Have not read any new post, hope everyone is OK. Last we read you were just getting over a bad cold.