Monday, July 9, 2012

Only 19 days!

It only took 19 days to reach 10,500 visitors!  That's 500 people since my momentous 10,000 was reached.  Wow.  Thanks so much everyone.  Not QUITE ready to do another giveaway in honor - YET.  But it is exciting to see those numbers increase everyday.  Makes me feel wanted.  Big hugs!  (((O))))
But as long as you're here - I can tell you about ANOTHER person's giveaway - or two, or three....
Head to  and enter to win a sample pack of Nicole's beadbacking.  Good stuff, especially for those of you (us) bead embroider-ers.  :0)  THEN - follow the link mentioned in the first paragraph of Nicole's post to enter AGAIN.  AND - if you have never experienced Nicole's Beadbacking before - let them know - and they'll enter you AGAIN.  And THEN - if you FB and blog about it, they'll enter you AGAIN and AGAIN!  Wheeee!
So much love coming from my magic garden right's just a few random shots I took of the riotous color this week:

 (see the little beetle?  He's camera shy!) 

My magical Morning Glories.  I think I'm going to have to bead a morning glory or two soon.  I love them.  They've taken over the entire right column of the arch, and I MAY have to move the hummingbird feeder before it is said and done.  Amazing.

And there are FINALLY blossoms on the tomato plants.  We were about ready to feed them to the compost pile.  We should have about a dozen all at once if we can keep the critters (wild and otherwise) from chowing them first.
Back to my Bead Soup Challenge project.  Lori said today we could show teasers of small portions of accents if we wish - but I think I'm gonna make everyone WAAAAIIIIITTTT.  Hope you're getting hungry!
Peaceful, beautiful beading,

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