Friday, July 20, 2012

The Chiclets are multiplying!

I'm pluggin' along on my Chiclets bracelet project that I started at The Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild's class on Wednesday with Rachel Nelson Smith:

A whole TWO inches!  Whahooo!  Haven't decided yet whether I'll complete the entire three strand bracelet as Rachel designed it, or just stick with a one strand.  If I do the three strand - it's liable to not be done until 2013!  LATE 2013!  lol
As I might have mentioned in my previous post, my friend Sharon Erwine and I chose our own beads rather than purchase the kit from Rachel - so we needed to come up with a few supplies we didn't have on hand - specifically - the Chaton and Roses Montees.  Chiclets is chuck full of 'em!
I ordered the Roses - those came in about 4 days.  Sharon ordered the Chaton's.  Those, well....
those didn't.  Ever.  We were hoping that they would be a part of the END of the project, an embellishment not needed while in the class.  Alas - they were part of STEP #2!  Oh well.  We managed to substitute with Roses Montees for class, and then discussed on the way home whether or not to look further for a supplier for the Chatons, or to simply substitute - and this is what Sharon suggested: 

Magatamas aka teardrop beads!  PERFECT!  I'll be using these for the accent of the amber/rose chiclet spinner bead.  Cute.  Take that, Chaton Montees!
I also need to get back to my BSBC (bead soup blog challenge) beads and create something else with more of the beads provided by my partner Sally.  I still have an entire MONTH before the reveal, but I'm afraid one of my many projects (I have 3 in various stages of progress) are going to totally push them to the bottom of the stack.  At least my biggie, including focal and clasp - is done.
Hope everyone is faring well with Mother Nature, where ever you are.  Unfortunately for me, the constant into and out of air conditioning over the course of the last MONTH has given me a case of the sniffles - ok, more like the hacking and coughings - so I'm trying to be still, be cool (without AC) so that I will be well.  I have yet one more Art Market event in Okemos on Sunday - sure don't like to be spreading germs - guess I better put a bottle of antibiotic hand cleaner on the take list....
Peaceful beading,
Stay coooooool,

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Unknown said...

Lovely beading.You are way more game than I have ever been lol Love and Hugs to you Tanya