Thursday, April 5, 2012

Art Expo! display

This is just a general idea of how I think I'll set up my table.  This is a full foot shorter than those they'll provide, as well as probably narrower too.  But this will help give me an idea.  I've already nixed the shelving unit I spent hours digging out and off of my studio table.  Oh well.  I may still use that over the summer.  I also nixed one of the units I just bought.  TOO tall.  I opted for the screened display rack for earrings instead, which I'll be decorating with ivy, and maybe some fun stencils.  The little metal garden table will get moved over a foot to the end of the table, so that will also give me space between.  The squares of scrapbook paper will also be more strategically and nicely placed.  I just needed to get an idea of how much space I had for actual display pieces, so that they don't take away from the jewelry. 
The somewhat comical thing that happened, is that I left it set up just like this, overnight.  In the dark.  My husband doesn't get home from work until 11:30 in the evening.  He didn't know I had this set up.  He informed me this morning that the bust and the black necklace display 'freaked him out' when he came in last night!   BONUS!   Sorry hunny, but it IS rather funny....
Peaceful beading,

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