Sunday, April 15, 2012

One down, one to go

Here's a little peek at my table display for the Art Expo.  While it's been fun, it hasn't been entirely profitable.  And I'm not sure if the fact that it's storming will have an effect on traffic today.  It's early still - not even light yet - and we don't start until noon today.  But there is a 70% chance of these crazy storms on and off all day, and they've already sent the power out once.  So let's hope, pray, do a reverse rain dance that it will be drier this afternoon.  Not to mention how hard it would be to load the car in the rain when all is said and done.  Blah.'s what I've got going on, which I may change a bit before we open today...

I'm thinking of removing the big purple frame from the center, and putting the mannequin there instead.  But we'll see.  At the same time - I like it for the purple.  Of course.  ;0)
I DID start a new project while there yesterday though, so the mojo is slowly returning.  I also have a request to EXACTLY DUPLICATE a pair of earrings that I sold.  Don't do it very often, but these don't have a lot of frilly freeform involved, so it should be quite simple.  Finding the accents that I used will be the hard part.  I was able to take an excellent photo of them, and enlarged it when I printed it - so seeing the detail and stitches that I did is pretty easy.  Now to find those center dangles....

So wish me luck for my second day.  If I could sell just ONE of my statement pieces, I'd be jumpin' for joy.
Peaceful beading,

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