Saturday, April 21, 2012

Blogger shock!

Whoa!  What has happened to Blogger?  Granted, it's been a few days since I posted - but wow.  Might take a bit of getting used to....
Anyway - I digress.  My original intent for babbling today is to wonder - what is supposed to happen when a call for submissions is made? Does anyone know?  I have answered Bead Trends call for work TWICE now - and I get no response at all.  Is this the norm?  Shouldn't they at least have a canned automated reply saying we got your submission and will consider it by such and such a date?  Or just consider it?  Because that would be CONSIDERATE.  Instead, I sit here wondering if it went, or if it's still flyin' around out there somewhere in cyber space.  And then there's the other side of the submission coin.  Why do most of the big mags even bother to ASK for submissions anymore when the only submissions being accepted seem to be from the big, well known designers that they already have on contract?  I have applied to do the challenge in Beadwork THREE times now - and all three times I've been thrown over for someone 'in the biz'.  Just one more part of beading that's frustrating me right now.  Etsy is another.  I wanted, WILLED, it to be more successful this time.  And I've had very few views right from the start.  Again, I believe Etsy to be all about who buys from who, and the little groups and cliques.   I will probably add a few new pieces next week, but again - with all the locally based shows I have coming up later this summer, I hate to tie up a designer piece languishing on Etsy that could be seen - and possibly bought - locally.  IF I could get local people to buy my statement pieces AT ALL.  HELLO?  Another frustration.  Honestly - I am thinking about hanging up my needles.  I have so many pieces that I am proud of.  I KNOW they are of quality work, and I put much effort and LOVE into every one of them.  And here they sit.  In a box.  In a bag.  Waiting for the next show date - which just happens to not be until JUNE 9th.  That's 9 weeks away! 
I am also considering pulling out of the art gallery for a little while.  The last thing I sold was 3 months ago, and before that - during the Holiday Market.  I didn't enjoy volunteering there as much as I thought - I expected it to be a learning experience, rather than a stand around and watch the paintings dry experience.  I will sleep on it a few more nights (hopefully without obsessing at 3am again) but I think that's where I'm headed.  I may also be headed that way with bead sales at the bookstore too - but I will TRY retagging a portion of the stock first, with some new displays, and see how it goes.  Much to think on in that regard too.  I really love Connie, and my life is enriched by everyone associated with that store, but things are changing that may make me need to change too.
No wonder I can't sleep at night.
All I know is I need some new inspiration.  I need a new door, a new avenue - a NEW PLAN.  Any ideas?
Peaceful beading (or in my case at the moment - Scrabble playing),

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