Monday, April 16, 2012

Two days down, it was just so so

What more is there to say?  Although a fun time was had by all (at least those in my immediate orbit), it was not as heavily attended as we had hoped.  A bit disappointed in the turn out, since the center where the show was being held had quite a few other events happening.  But I kept my chin up, and over the course of the two days made about $120.00.  It isn't much - but since I only paid $30 for the space - I DID make a profit.  Still can't get anyone to purchase my statement pieces though.  I still haven't found the right market for them.  Considering Etsy - but hate to have them tied up there until late summer, when I have about 4 other shows lined up before then that I would like to take them to.  Ugh.  What to do.  Too many things to think about at 2 am again.  I've also got to make a decision about the beads at Coyote.  It will make me sad to have to pull them out, but I simply don't have the funds or the inclination to retag every single strand with two part tear off tags that are marked exactly the same on both parts.  TIME CONSUMING.  Not to mention expensive.  And I still don't know that it will make the clerks (myself included) remember to tear off and keep 1/2.  But if it isn't done the way the owner wants, I may not be able to keep them there.  That is also keeping me awake.  
Now on to another of my favorite, but sometimes just as frustrating subjects - my garden:  the seeds that we sowed are already becoming seedLINGS - the homemade greenhouse is working perfectly.  Can't wait until my garden is in bloom again.  I think this is my least favorite time of year - because of the WAITING.  I want everything to be beautiful RIGHT NOW.  And because I'm in Michigan, and it's only mid-APRIL, I can't actually plant anything in the ground yet.  We're still getting hard freezes at night.  So it's wait, wait, wait...and I'm not good at that.  I want to get my garden accents and statuary out too - but hubby says it's still too soon for that too.  Ugh.  More waiting.  I want it to look like THIS again:

And it will.  Someday.  Just not soon enough for me!!!!!
Peaceful beading,

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