Thursday, April 19, 2012

Best laid plans

I think I was overthinking things.  Making them too complicated.  The tag problem at the bookstore is simply going to be my square stickers that I already use - one on each side of a piece of cardstock.  The hardest part will be cutting them up - and I may splurge on a paper cutter, and attaching them. Then they can just peel off one, and leave the customer with one.  I found some cool stuff at TJ Maxx that will be modified and turned into strand displays.   I hope that everyone appreciates and agrees to comply with - my efforts by retaining the tag for both Connie, and then my, records.  Time will tell.....
Had a wonderful day out and about.  Usually when I leave the house before 9:30 am and don't arrive home until almost 6 - I'm exhausted.  But I feel pretty good.  Must be that Reiki treatment I got in the midst of it all today... the 10am meeting was attended by ALL of us (7 in all) for a change, and we each brought an idea or thought to the 'table'.  I followed that meeting by sitting in on the usual Thursday morning group that I used to belong to, and getting filled with wonderful Reiki energy.  Very few regulars today though, but it was nice to have time to catch up with those that were there.  We even had a bit of a celebrity in the house - our own Liz brought her son Jon, who is on the U of M basketball team, soon to become captain, followed by PRO ball after graduation.  When you mention the name Jon Horford to anyone in the community - they all seem to know who he is.  A nice young man (boy, does that make me sound old), with a good head on his shoulders.  Liz is a proud and good mom.  Followed THAT with a bit of shopping, a nice lunch, and finally finishing our book that we started at CHRISTMAS time in book club!  In other words - we don't do much READING in BOOK club.   LOL!
I am so hoping that tomorrow, after the payday Friday errands are done, that my day will consist of beads, beads and more beads.  I need them. 
So happy that it's finally spring - the birds chirping, the new plants sprouting about here and there....yay SPRING!
Peaceful beading,

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