Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hoppy Easter!

My husband kindly and politely (unbeknownst to me) invited his mother to Easter dinner tomorrow.  I found this out while grocery shopping this morning.  So, a bit of house cleaning has been on my agenda today, as well as creating a new dessert recipe.  Not sure I'll ever create it again - it's no bake, and just the prep still took almost an hour!

Doesn't it look scrumptious, though? 
It's Oreo/Reeses Chocolate No Bake Pie.  Provided by Pinterest, of course.  Lots of crushing and unwrapping, and two trips through the mixer.  Like I said - a LOT of work, but from the taste of licking beaters and bowls - yummy!  Too bad we have to wait until tomorrow to find out....tomorrow I'll be creating another new recipe for the main course - a sort of scalloped potato/ham/cheese thing that I also found on Pinterest.  Mom is bringing scalloped corn and rolls.  Bon Appetit!
I DID get a small bit of beading done this morning, in the quiet of pre-dawn.  I had mentioned in a previous post that the one thing that sells pretty consistently at the bookstore, and that I'm out of AGAIN - are these little charms.  I use color changing charms and/or beads in them, and give them a theme - for $8 people snatch them up quick!  Here are the ones I created this morning, 3 of which will already be spoken for.  My favorite one is the dragon/luck one in the middle....

It's a gorgeous day here in the middle of the mitten - the dogs dragged their dad to the dog park after groceries were put away.  They are ALL quite exhausted.  Bella just woke up from her nap to help lick bowls in the kitchen.  ;0)

Have a wonderful holiday everyone.  Travel safely and enjoy the ones you love....
Peaceful beading,

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