Monday, April 23, 2012

Hello, Mojo!

Busy day on the beading front!  Finally!  I actually completed TWO - count them TWO - projects today.  First - "Roaring 20's".  The pink and antique goldish one I talked about a few blogs ago.  I started it while at the Art Expo show last week.  It's always fun to be working on a project for people to watch and comment on.  Today - it was finally done:

I really love the vintage look, and even made a cute little beaded bead for the closure in the back.  One thing about this piece is that it WILL need to be worn with care.  I maintained the natural curve of my sterling round wire when stringing on the crystal drops, but it could be kinda easy to yank it out of shape.  So moms with babies - this one would not be for you.   Sorry.
My next piece was purely and simply for ME.  I found all these components when JoAnn was having a 50% off sale a week or two ago.  I decided to create something with them today:

I still have just enough of everything left to make a funky bracelet to match.  But probably not today.  Now it's time for sunning on the porch, and catching up on my reading and my daily vice - The Young and the Restless.
Thanks to all of my followers for stopping by:  I've reached the 9,000 reader mark!  Yahoo!  I hope to keep you entertained (or bored enough that you can't look away) for another 9,000 more!
Peaceful beading,

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