Sunday, September 23, 2012

Blustery Market Day

Instead of "Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day" it was "Meridian Crafters and the Blustery Day".
  Oh boy, was it. So cold. Glad I had a scarf, hat, coat, AND blanket. And I wasn't even out in the windy area that some of the vendors were in.  Had quite a few shoppers though - at least for most of the day. I think the sunshine outside was a bit misleading - they'd get about 1/2 way around and all of a sudden the women with bare toes and elbows starting walking just a bit I had a few sales. Nothing serious, unfortunately. My friend Claudia, however - cleaned UP. Great day for her and her polymer clay CAT THEMED items - collar bells for cats, paperweights, and some cute jewelry pieces. All in all, despite the cold - it was a fun day. The highlight for me at least - Claudia's husband Matt brought us each a Wendy's Chili! Thanks, MATT I'm all warm and toasty - for a minute!

Here are a few pics of what my display looked like today. I would have preferred to have a few more of the necklaces on displays - but it was just too windy.

I could have easily filled the whole table with Halloween and fall themed designs - but I still love putting out the peacock themed pieces too.  I'll have about the same amount of space for the next show at Haslett High School - INDOOR THANK GOODNESS - so I'll have to consolidate things even more -sometimes the walk from the parking lot to the space we're assigned is a LONG one.....
Peaceful beading,

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