Sunday, September 9, 2012

No beads - just babies

And when I say babies - I mean Bella and Zeus.  They are my children, my BABIES.  We spoil them, love them and hug on them (which Bella loves and Zeus tolerates).  They sleep on the bed, rule the roost, and will stare us out of their favorite spot on the couch.  Zeus can tell time when it comes to breakfast, lunch and dinner - 7, 1 and 4.  Starts staring us into submission almost like clockwork - we better be ready to oblige.   Their lives are filled with dog parks, walks, and in Bella's case - SPA days (brushing and trimming.  SHE LOVES IT).  They eat us out of house and home - and we let them.  I hope you are a loving animal mom or dad, being loved unconditionally by a pet.  It's a great feeling isn't it? 

We presented new toys to the 'kids' yesterday - just cuz:

Isn't he handsome?  Everyone thinks Zeus is just a young pup - but in reality, if the gray chin doesn't give it away - he's TEN!  His joints are starting to show his age - but he still runs and plays and stays active - despite what the vet says is probably arthritis pain just like people have.  He's a trooper!  And daddy's boy....

And then there's "Princess Bella Wigglebottom".  Because that's what she is - a princess and what she DOES - she gets so excited to see people, and greet them that her back end just wiggles and wiggles.  So funny.  She is a true people dog - and would make a great 'shop dog' - one that would happily greet customers, and then calmly go off to her space.  So glad we were able to 'rescue' her from the family with severe allergies.  I think she likes it here!

Peaceful beading everyone - go hug your fur kid(s) today!


Robbie said...

They are adorable!!! And I agree...they are and will always be our babies won't they!!

coolmoon said...

Yes they will, Robbie. We've never had children-so they definitely get spoiled. Thanks for commenting! ARF!
Cool Moon/The Babbling Beader