Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ebb - and Flow

It's been sort of like that for us this ebb that had us so strapped that the DOGS didn't even get enough to eat for a few weeks.  Then - as quickly as it came - the tide turned - and we are now in a state of FLOW - with a little extra to make breathing - and eating! - a little bit easier again.  Who's to say when the tide will turn  - so we're trying not to get super spendy - AND be grateful for what we've been given right now. 
I didn't realize when I named this piece - that it WAS sort of symbolic of what our summer has been like.  This is "Flow" - Fluorite (The name fluorite comes from the Latin fluo "(flow") in reference to its use as a flux. A flux is a substance that promotes the flow and combination of other materials, and fluorite is often used in making steel and other metals that require the removal of impurities.) There's also a bit of Mountain Jade, and little pewter squiggles that sort of FLOW along the necklace portion.  The focal piece is actually a large worry stone, with the 'worry' side, the indented side, glued to the backing. 

Not sure where this one's going yet - price is $85.00.....

And in preparing to write this blog post, I realized that I'm going to have to change the ETSY link photo - because I SOLD that beautiful etched Onyx piece to a buyer in FINLAND yesterday!  The Etsy bead sales have been smokin' hot lately - and I've got lots more to list - so thank you, thank you, and keep stopping back.  I want to relist lots of the jewelry too, but with two (maybe three) local sales venues, and all the local shows I have coming up, I need each and every piece available for sale.  Once those are over, and it's all snowy and blowy outside (ugh) I can sit and list AND SELL to my hearts content!  Then all I have to do is dig myself out to go to the post office!  The predictions are that we will have a winter just like that - snowy, blowy, and lots of digging.  Lovely.  Let's hope the predictors are WRONG.
Hope everyone has a wonderful bead table Wednesday.  Haven't posted anything for that in awhile - and today is probably no different.  I'm between projects again - contemplating something for Halloween that incorporates this cool rhinestone studded SPIDER pin I found the other day.  BOO! and EWWW!
Peaceful beading,

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