Monday, September 17, 2012

Hitches and Ditches - and we're not talkin' all stitches....

Actually - the name I WANTED to give my post was Best Laid Plans - but Patty Gasparino of My Life Under the Bus beat me to it!  LOL!  And since it's her birthday - I give it to her.
But about those seems like it's always something.   The hitch in my plan is that once again, our internet provider has decided to NOT.  As in provide.  So instead of my usual routine of leisurely coffee while blog hopping and Facebook commenting, followed by listing my daily Etsy items, and then an hour or so at the bead table - all in the comfort of my JAMMIES - I actually had to get dressed AND venture out of the house before noon.  Bah.  They simply don't grasp the concept of WORKING FROM HOME.  Lucky for me Biggby is right around the corner....
I also have a hitch in what I thought was a GREAT plan for a new beaded jewelry concept yesterday.  I was so excited about it.  The ideas were rolling around my head - picturing the customers lining up and crowding in to watch me demonstrate. I made a few items and the excitement grew.  Then I woke up.  This morning - it doesn't seem so hot.  My hubby says give it a whirl at my show on Saturday and see what happens.  So I probably will.  But for now - not adding to the inventory for it until I see how these are accepted.  OR NOT.  I need to concentrate on some halloween and fall designs this week anyway.
Today I'm off to my friend and fellow beader Sharon's house for a beady play day.  Everyone needs to have a beady play day.  Most of the time - it's not as full of beads as it should be because we're too busy comparing recent work, doing show and tell, and GABBING.  She's getting ready to leave for her winter home in Texas in just a few weeks - so we'll especially need to step up that gabbing today!  LOL!
Now about the ditches - the fact that I woke up this morning to no internet, and a plan that no longer seems like a good one, and had to actually DRIVE somewhere to play - has kinda put me in a Monday morning funk - aka ditch.  I'm hoping that my excitement about the upcoming show season (starting this weekend there are 4 scheduled shows, with a tentative one in the works) will help keep it to a dull funky ditch.  After attending a few craft shows this week though - I'm not seeing ANY jewelry that entails the detailed seed bead work that I do.  And I think I've spent too much time trying to decide WHY.  Are people not interested in it?  Is it too expensive for our local market (factory lay offs still abound).  Is it just not a trend that people want anymore?  I haven't come up with a POSITIVE reason why I'm not seeing it - except to say I guess I don't have that much competition in that regard.  That COULD be a GOOD thing.  We shall see - starting at 10 am on Saturday.
Peaceful beading everyone, enjoy....

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