Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday

Here are the photos I posted for the Flickr group "Bead Table Wednesday".  If you haven't checked it out - it's just a fun way for beaders to see what other beaders are up to at the same point in time each week.  Some post completed pieces, some post (and I think this was the original premise) exactly what their bead table looks like on that Wednesday.  Here's mine:

'Alaskan Moonlight' is making progress.  Still got a ways to go....

This is just a portion of the stash from Bead Haven last week.  I was on a blue and green kick (peacocks, anyone?)
Who knows what will be on my table next week.  I'll have a bit more free time after the once again harried weekend, because Mom and Dad leave on Saturday to return to their sunny Florida home.  Don't want them to go, but go they must.  Wednesdays have not only been Bead Table Wednesdays for me, but also Mom Wednesdays - we would almost always go to lunch and then either shop or run errands together, just spending mother/daughter time.  Not sure she'll have the time today, with packing and prepping their Michigan home for the winter.  So I just may have to wait until JUNE! 
If you're still lucky enough to still have a Mom, give her some appreciation today - in person or by email or phone!
Peaceful beading,

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