Thursday, September 29, 2011

The hassles of growing older

Or at least one of them - renewing my drivers license.  I've been able to do so by mail for the last 3 or so years, and THAT is a convenience that I enjoy.  But I've got to do it in person this time - need a new photo and to update the vision portion of the license.  AKA I've gotten lots older and blinder since my last license!  I'm hoping that by going to the branch in Mason, a much smaller town, in the middle of the afternoon, I can get in, get it over with, and get out FAST. 
So as you may have guessed, that also means my birthday is approaching.  In about two weeks.  I used to enjoy having birthdays - fall is my favorite time of year, and the color is always peaking and making the day beautiful.  BUT - now that I'm PAST the 5-0 point, well - they just seem to come and go.  Hubby doesn't make a big deal (he probably wouldn't even if I wanted him to), and my mom's in Florida, so really, no cause for celebration.  This year though - I think we're going to take a color tour.  I was told that I would make some new contacts and find some new possibilities for my business by going on a trip by one of the newer psychics at the bookstore a few weeks ago, and she seems to be pretty spot on accurate much of the time.  I also want to check out a bead store I heard about in Gaylord - which is a few hours north - the perfect place for leaf peeping.  There's also a nice sporting goods store on the way (something for the hubby to do), and a Michigan micro-brewery restaurant that is quite popular.  I think it's going to be a fun trip - as long as the weather cooperates.

Back on the bead and jewelry topic:  I totally re-did my booth at The Grand-dale Shoppe yesterday.  I added a new link photo on the right, but here's another one - should have used flash, but we did realize yesterday that even though the purple is perfect for me, it is a bit dark.  So here's hoping sales are good enough to move to a larger, whiter booth in the future!

Peaceful beading everyone,

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