Thursday, September 22, 2011

New stash!

That's just a teaser - cuz I don't have time to photograph all the newbies right now!  But - I was a blue and green kick, which will ultimately make wonderful peacock jewels!  Didn't have that in mind when I was running my fingers through the wonderful rainbows of beads while choosing them, but my mind was spinning this morning!  If you EVER have the opportunity to visit Bead Haven, AND the surrounding town of Frankenmuth (home of Bronner's - world's largest Christmas store) - you are in for a treat.  And SOO many new little shops in the River Place section!  It took us ALL afternoon to visit them all.  So, sorry, Gretchen - Purple Sage will have to wait until another time!    We had a wonderful afternoon, the moms love spending time together, topped it off with yummy purchases from the fudge shoppe, and very little traffic issues for a change.   Even the brief but crazy thundershower that trapped us in the pet accessories store didn't spoil our day.  It came. It went.  We had a great time!
Off to The Grand-dale Shoppe this morning.  Dawn invited me to bring a project to work on between customers (sometimes the weekday morning shifts are a bit slow), so it should at least be productive!
Busy weekend coming up - TWO shows - Saturday and Sunday - both in the same park, but Saturday I am in an outdoor booth - so let's pray there's no rain, and the Meridian Township police officers have better things to do than ticket people for parking an inch or two in the wrong direction!  Don't get me started -
Peaceful beading, enjoy the day,

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Beadwoman3 said...

no need to apologize, maybe next time! Glad you had a good time with the Moms!