Thursday, September 1, 2011

Next thing you know....snow

I can't believe it's September.  That's only WEEKS away from snow in this neck of the woods.  And I feel I've been cheated out of half the summer by the heat and onslaught of mosquitos that our ONE good weekend of rain brought.  We went practically the entire month of July with NO rain, and triple digits temps - which meant indoors and air conditioning.  Then the rain and the mosquitos came, and it's been more indoor activities still.  Thank goodness for the beads.  I've read a lot of books this summer, too.  Some ebooks, some actual real books.  But I've missed my usual daily deck visits - normally I can go sit with my fountain, and my flowers, and the hummingbird in the early morning, while the traffic out front is still at a minimum.  Unfortunately,  mosquitos have no sense of time, and are therefore invading my space 24/7.  We DID buy a propane repellant device, and it does work once it's warmed up, but only if you sit still within about 2 yards of the thing.  I can't wander the path.  I can't hug my walnut tree.  I want my summer back, dang it!
Another sad bit of news - I heard through a fellow Michigan Facebook friend of TWO more bead store closings - one an actual brick and mortar to the south of me a bit, and one an online venue.  It IS a demanding job, and I suppose only the strong (and the big box) will survive.  I have hopes of being a part of a shop again someday, but it is going to have to be truly unique, and probably with a partner that I trust implicitly - so that I don't have to be on site everyday.  Because you burn out.  No matter how much you love it.  Trust me.
Busy day today.  Mom and I are off to Coyote, and lunch, and then inevitably, unfortunately - Walmart.  Another big box I try to avoid - but admittedly DO find good deals at occassionally.  We're counting down the days now before she returns to Florida for the winter - she and my Dad leave on Oct. 1.  And since we'll be skipping our usual mother/daughter day next week due to my soon to be crazy schedule, we're going to have to start making it quality time. 
TTFN dear readers - I appreciate you all so much!  Give me a shout and tell me what you'd like to see more of in my blogs - beads, dogs, or just plain LIFE!

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