Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Creative juices overflowing

Is there such a thing as being TOO creative?  I've got sooooooo many ideas for designs, and classes, and make and take projects in my head that some of them I fear will be lost in the shuffle.  I guess those of you that have 'picked a niche' and stuck with it probably have it much easier!  I've got 3 different shops where I sell my jewelry, as well beads at two of those-keeping it fresh and keeping track is a big chore.  Two of those will also be the sites of BIG classes in the next few months, neither of which I am ready for.  I have a tray FULL of beads and findings all matched and coordinated for projects that I've had in mind - some of them for months!  And NOW - after my shift at Grand-dale yesterday, I have an idea for a custom order/make it-take it sort of thing that I want to have IN the shoppe, along with the marketing blurb, by the end of the week. Dawn (the owner of the shoppe) also gave me a cute unique idea for something new and completely different, which will have me checking the craft stores for pricing and availability of all the items I need in the very near future.  Then I work at the new exhibit opening for the Lansing Art Gallery on Friday evening, and the book store ALL DAY Saturday.  So book club & store, Mom time, hubby time, gallery time, and then TWO more shows before the end of the month.  Do you see ME time OR BREATHE time anywhere in there?  Me neither.
On top of all that, we just returned from meeting and greeting our new financial adviser guy, and having to take the time to go over accounts and dollars and numbers, oh my.  Never fun - but usually necessary.   I am hoping to have the afternoon to work on the Grand-dale project, and finish a few repairs.  HOPING being the operative word.
Here's HOPING you all have peaceful beading,

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