Monday, October 10, 2011

And so it begins

Another super busy week for me. I don't know how I always manage to turn a free week into a freaky week, but (sorry, and I don't even LIKE Britney Spears) oooops, I did it again. After enjoying my day yesterday (photos of the loot below), I realized that I'm at Coyote 4 days in a row this week - beginning today! Not that I don't enjoy my time there, but Mondays are especially long because we're only open until 4, so it's one long 11-4 shift. Then I'll get home just in time to feed the furkids, maybe relax for a minute, and then off I go again to bead group - and tonight we celebrate a BUNCH of birthdays. Sharon's, mine, Catherines, Annes, and we're going to include poor Judy in there too, who got forgotten back in the busy summer month of July. Not sure how much beading will be done - but this time around I'm getting to know them all much better, and we're having lots of fun. I may have to take Sally with me one of these times....
I am also finalizing the details for the open house I'm having here. Which means I really MUST get busy cleaning and shining everything for company. It's not that we're slobs, or even super messy, but we tend to clutter, and use the front living room space as a catch all, combined with the fact that I hate to dust, and well. It's not company worthy at the moment. I've got almost a month. I've already done a little. I'll get there....
Here's all the loot from yesterday. So much for quality instead of quantity. I think it's more like a quantity of quality:

Pretty polymer
Bottle cap fun

Filigree from my friend Cindy (I added the rivoli when I got home)
This is wood and resin

Various focals - cabs and drilled.  Polymer, Dichroic, Azurite/Malachite, Petoskey, & Copper Fleck.
My biggest splurge - these little lampwork babies were expensive!

Semi Precious from S&S - sodalite, Turquoise, Az/Mal, and Jasper.
Vintage glass rainbow leaves.  Good thing I didn't wait on these - the vendor sold out of them in less than an hour!

Chinese crystal - who can resist?
See?  I told ya I had fun!  And I wanted soooo much more.  The one item I wanted that stayed where it laid - a quirky, funky, very detailed lampwork witch face focal pendant - complete with warts and freaky teeth, bats on her hat - very cool.  $75.00.  Gulp.  Not cool enough. That price scared me, that's for sure!  Maybe someday, though....
Peaceful beading everyone,  enjoy where ever you are,

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