Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Jury is IN

And I am approved to show at Great Lakes Artworks.  HOWEVER - we have come to the mutual conclusion that I must wait until they have a more secure place, like a jewelry case, to show my pieces in.  And they're full up right now.  I noticed that when I was there the other day - LOTS of jewelry.  So much, in fact, that I had pretty much decided to hold off before they called me about putting me on the waiting list.  That's fine with me.  And once they do call and tell me there's space - I'll have to consider it long and hard.  Because there are still issues that I'm not fond of.  I think whatever type of display I decide to do, I'll be paying a little extra every month to have someone work my shifts.  Just not wild about working down there.  It's often alone, and the parking is horrendous.   So the search is still on for another classy, upscale boutique or gallery for my things.  Maybe on one of our little jaunts this weekend and next weekend.  Off to the cider mill in St. Johns today, taking the back roads and enjoying the beautiful leaves and day.  It's been a great October so far - in the 70's and over 80 the last two days.  The same for today - and tomorrow, and Monday!  YAY!  Tomorrow will be fun day for me too.  Off to another bead show - Bead Bonanza in Southfield.  Put on by the Great Lakes Beadguild, of which I'm a member.   Going to try to go for QUALITY and not QUANTITY this time - maybe some nice lampwork focals, some Murano glass, Star's Clasps.  The high end stuff I don't usually go for.  We'll see....
And despite the fact that it's been gorgeous outside for the last few days, I've been quite creative, and am obsessed with creating tons of these: 

You saw the oval ones in a previous post, and I've since gotten the idea to do several pair, in different sizes and shapes, and display them all in my jazzy little green spinner case.  I was originally going to consider taking them to GLAW, but I think I'll take them to The Grand-dale Shoppe instead.  Lots to do this gorgeous October!  Beauty surrounds.  Can't wait to show you photos of our road trip - the trees are just turning around here, and they are beautiful!
Peaceful, beautiful beading everyone,

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