Sunday, October 16, 2011

I miss my laptop

I guess I'll have to break down and take it somewhere to find out whether it's fixable.  I know for sure that it needs a new power cord - I've just been reluctant to pay $150 bucks for a stupid CORD.  There used to be used ones available on for much less - but didn't seem to find the right thing this time.  Figures.  So I'm using my hubbys ancient desktop, with it's big bulky tower hard drive and MOUSE!  I'm so used to the finger touch pad on the laptop.  Bah.  I've been having a great couple of months - this just seems to put a black mark on it a little bit.  It seems there's always something.  Let's hope it can be repaired or replaced economically.
As far as the show on Saturday!?  CHA-ching!  A constant stream of people, about 80% women.  The other girls I've done shows with all summer, along with Tracy, were vendors too - so it was fun texting each other back and forth about our successes and odd customer sightings.  I was delighted to find that there were people that attended the Okemos Art Market all summer that came looking for me specifically.  Now, keep in mind I had no plans to do this show - and yet, here were two people that loved my things that had money reserved to spend on my jewelry if they were lucky enough to find me -they didn't even know if I would be there.  But somehow spirit brought us all together - and CHA-ching.  An excellent day, and an easy set up/tear down with help.  Someone was listening.  Thank you.  I also was asked to do two other shows, of which I had to decline due to other commitments, AND had an invitation to contact the Shiawassee Art Council about selling items in their museum.  I do believe I'll be taking a trip to Owosso very soon....
Another show 'surprise' I guess you could call it was the customer wearing the CUTEST BOOTS.  I actually stopped what I was doing to ask her about them.  They are Uggs.  So of course I figured they'd be pricey.  But they're sweater material - so they will actually stretch to fit my real size calves!  WHAHOO!  AND - they fold down if I want to wear them as shorty boots.  So they're versatile.  Hers were a heather gray.  Zappos was out of black.  I chose - wait for it - PURPLE!  Well, they call it Sangria, which is the magenta purple color that I find myself wearing alot.  They will be here by mid-week.  Can't wait.  And yes - they were more than I've ever spent on shoes or boots before EVER.  And I deserve it.  :0)
Looking forward to a fun birthday week.  I've got my actual birthday day (tomorrow) to myself - so I have shopping, beading and relaxing plans.  The perfect birthday, don't you agree?  Tuesday will be spent with friends on both a coffee date and a dinner date. 
What can I say?  Even without my is. GOOD.
Peaceful beading,

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