Thursday, October 6, 2011

One of those days

Everyone has them.  I suppose I was due.  But I've pretty much worked myself into a snit this morning - and with it, everything is pretty much turning to dog doo.  My breakfast even ended up on the floor.  I can't find something I'm looking for.  Just one of THOSE days. 
And it all started with my jury meeting last night.  What a waste of time.  They still have my pieces to jury, but I won't be signing any contracts.  I had hoped that with the name change, building change and owner change there would be some COMMON SENSE change.  Unfortunately, everything is pretty much the same as it was, right down to the fact that you must work a 3 hour shift ALONE in a community that's a little spooky after dark AND with a two hour parking limit in all their lots and at the meters.  Can't leave to go feed the meter or move the car, so basically, I have to PAY them (in the form of a parking ticket fee) to work there.  Not sure why none of the other girls are bitchin' about that.  The two I know that have items for sale there get rides when they work.  So that may be why.   I also don't appreciate that they don't take high end work seriously as far as security is concerned.  That art community gets crazy busy on weekends, and during festivals, literally thousands of people pour in - and yet they want me to put my $100 and $200 pieces out on an open shelf in the middle of the sales floor.  Seriously?  I suppose I could just have them jury the simple stuff - but what would be the point?   It's my detailed, woven seed bead work that I want to be known for.  That's what I believe is gallery worthy work.   So I've been frustrated about that, and stewing about it all morning.
I also had another conversation with Connie at the bookstore about my space there.  I'm going there today to downsize a bit to make room for some of her things, and try to make use of the floor below, but basically I'll be pulling the beads out after the holiday season.  Not sure what I'm gonna do with all of them.  I could probably just plan to use them all myself, but since it seems I'm also in a bit of a sales rut jewelry wise, well.  Hm.  Another thing to add to the stewin'....
So sorry about the vent blog today, all.  Hope your day is peacefully, blissfully, beadily better....

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