Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday

When I was choosing the lampwork beads at Polkadots yesterday, I had a flash of an idea for using ALL of them together.  Alas - it was a flash that didn't remain in my head long enough to evolve.  So I am creating small but still fun things with them - so far, two bracelets, probably a pair of earrings, and a zipper charm or pendant with the onesie left overs.  So here is what  my bead table looked like BEFORE I sat down and started creating this morning....

Here's the Polkadots loot:

And this is the project I am getting ready to start:

Plus I still need to complete "Alaskan Moonlight".  But first, I must finish my check in sheet of gallery pieces for tonights jury meeting, order post cards for my open house, and do some chores.  All in a day's work....
Peaceful beading,

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