Sunday, October 2, 2011

No comment

I've been noticing it - and hearing alot about it lately:  the fact that several people, including myself, seem to no longer be able to comment on the blogs.  Not sure why - after all, putting the blog out there is only HALF the process - allowing comments and responding to comments a big part of it, too.  If someone, ANYONE can tell us why this is all of a sudden happening, I'm sure many of us would love to hear.  But in the meantime,  here's my solution to that:  I will share all my blog post links through Facebook. Hopefully most of you are Facebook friends so that you can make your comments to the post on the Facebook side.  If not - I could use a few new friends!  Just ask!
Speaking of friends - I think Bella and Zeus have made friends since her arrival, whether he wants to admit it or not!  We'll often find them lying side by side, and they constantly tease each other for possession of the bones & toys.  We're all gettin' along just fine....

Peaceful beading.  Don't forget to go post your comment on Facebook!

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