Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Beginning anew

Whew.  What a day I had yesterday.  In a good way.  LOTS of productivity and success - on a MONDAY!   And before I forget the reason for the title of the post - beginning today, May 1, I will be listing BEADS on my Etsy site.  Just a strand or two a day, along with a piece of jewelry or two.  Don't want to sit here all day - I've got projects in progress, a class to put kits and instructions together for, a second bead rack to fill - I've just plain got stuff to DO!  But the most exciting thing about yesterday is the new contact that I think I have made.  It all began with Sundays little local community paper, which we sometimes only open to see whether or not it includes a crossword puzzle.  It didn't.  But this one also included information about an upcoming election for our district, so I found myself actually looking through it.   Imagine my surprise at finding an article - not just an ad, but an ARTICLE - about a NEW consignment and jewelry boutique that just opened right here in Holt!  Just a mile or so away!  Right on the main drag!  We just never have to drive that particular section, so I hadn't seen the sign.  I emailed her first thing in the morning, with a request for 'meet' time, and attached a photo collage of my work.  I heard back from her later last night, and we're getting together on Wednesday.  I don't plan to actually tell too many people about this, so those of you reading it here are the lucky ones to know.  I have only driven past it,  have no idea whether I will even 'fit', or what her stipulations are.  We shall see.   Trying not to get my hopes up, but staying positive at the same time.  Tricky.
Here is a photo of the bracelet I just posted on Etsy:  Alaskan Moonlight.  I'm sure you've seen it here before, but I love how the photos turned out this time.  My professional photographer sister in law gave me a few hints on lighting and backdrop - and it worked perfectly.  This one's listed for $100.  Pricey, but when you factor in the semi precious stones, and the WORK involved - probably not so much. 

Guess I better get going  -  today is my only 'free' day this week.  I'd love to have time to work on my new peacock cuff bracelet (wait til you see the CLASP) but other things like bathrooms and dishes beckon me too.
Peaceful beading, everyone,

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