Monday, May 14, 2012

A little at a time

That seems to be how everything is going lately.  Our garden is coming together - a little at a time.  My newest bead project - "Plumage" - is going slowly - but turning out beautifully. 

Unfortunately, it's also how we're finding out about some serious family illness issues - a little at a time.  It seems that just one doctor no longer wants to be responsible for delivering bad news.  The first doctor has you contact a specialist, who then sends you to a special specialist, who then assigns his peon assistant the job of telling you what is wrong (poor assistant).  Then THAT specialist assigns yet one's agonizing for the patient, to say the least, even before the grim diagnosis.  So we're a bit down in the dumps around here right now, hoping that things will be brighter with the next appointment for our dear aunt.  And coincidentally, her sister, my mother in law, has also been given the same song - she sees the guy that assigns the assistant to give news - on Wednesday.  We're ALL hoping her news is not so grim.
Anyway - trying to stay happy.  Hubby has taken a few days off to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary tomorrow.  I know there should be more pomp.  More circumstance.  More excitement and celebration.  Alas, it's not our style.  We'll be making a day trip to a few of our favorite places, and then a quiet dinner for two.  Back to the grind on Wednesday....

Have just one more oval turquoise piece to complete, and then add a bit more 'plumage'.  It will be done and ready to be revealed by Haslett Good Old Days in Lake Lansing Park on the 9th.
I wish you peaceful beading, and ask for a prayer or two,

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