Sunday, May 6, 2012

To read, WEED or bead....

That is the question.  And so far - I've read, and I've weeded.  And will continue to weed until the NEXT time one dares enter my garden space.  I read a post by National Home Gardening Club on Facebook this morning about pouring scalding hot water on weeds to kill them.  I tried a small section of an invasive patch right in the front yard - we'll see how well that works.  It certainly is the GREENER thing to do.....
So once again, readers - no beads.  And I really need to sit and do some.  I have a repair to make and return to sender, and I have 3 custom zipper pulls to make by Thursday. And "Plumage" is just starting to take shape just as I envisioned -  but the call just isn't strong enough right now.  The book I'm reading is quite excellent - it's one of those that you can barely put down, but do, because you want to prolong it as long as possible, and will be disappointed there's not more at the end.  It's not my usual fare, but rather something I found on the book club recommendations table last week during our little jaunt to Schuler's.  I'm trying to 'branch out' in the literature department.  Raunchy novels have bored me for several years now, and the whodunits are getting old.  There are a couple of authors that I crave new work from, but then I read it, and it's done for a few years until they come through with another one.  The book I'm reading now is  called "South of Superior", and it's ABOUT Michigan, written by a MICHIGAN author.  A very good, funny, poignant piece of fiction that takes place in the U.P.,  about a young woman's search for answers about a family she never knew, and the 'family' she ends up finding while doing so.  I will probably finish it this afternoon.   I won't have to stop to make dinner - we're awaiting the arrival of my parents for the summer - they will be here later this afternoon.  Once they've unpacked and unloaded their car, they'll need to eat, so we'll be joining them.  Maybe one or more of my brothers too, if she contacted them. 
Hope you'll hop back around and read again soon - I promise there WILL be beads.  Now that Grand-dale is closed, and I've temporarily pulled out of the gallery, there's not much to take up my time but Coyote - and that only one day this week.  Pure blissful freedom - and some of it WILL be spent with the beads.....honest.
Peaceful beading,

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