Friday, May 18, 2012

What comes first - the chicken or the egg?

Or in my case - the outfit or the jewelry!  I can't believe how many times I make jewelry, only to discover I already HAVE the perfect thing in my wardrobe to wear it with.  Such was the case as I began creating this beauty today:

I realized about half way through that I had the perfect top (which it is being displayed on) to go with it.  Just have to add the suede and edging, bail and necklace portion.  It doesn't have a name yet either.  Since it's mine - I may not give it one.  This piece was a simple oval paua shell cab on Nicole's Beadbacking when I took it with me to open the bookstore this morning.  I expected it to be slow to light customers while working my 11 to 2 shift.  Well- NO phone calls & NO peeps until after ONE oclock!  Talk about a slow morning!  I was sooooo glad I had this with me to pass the time, but before I knew it - I had gone as far as I could go with the beads I had brought along with me.  And lucky for me to have my own little bead shop right there in the bookstore - because when it came to the perfect accent - I had to 'borrow' the turquoise rondelles and the pink pearls from my stock!  Glad I did though - really sets off those colors in the top.  I plan to wear the finished piece when I work again on Sunday.  If I remember - photo op!
The second part of my day consisted of a trip to HOMEGOODS.  I have a love/hate relationship with that store.  I love it so much, but hate that I never have the money to get ALLLLL the things I simply HAVE TO HAVE!  I was lucky enough today to have a bit of extra cash, and I went peacock box CRAZY! 

These will all become displays somehow for my tables at the shows this summer - especially the big one.  It's just as pretty on the inside.  I'm thinking of stringing and affixing some ribbon across it somehow, so I can stand it up and open it.  The small one is the same, with a slightly different color motif, and the oblong one IS a jewelry box - no creativity needed!  There are a few other pieces that go with these that I would LOVE to have - maybe next week.  Because one thing I've discovered about Homegoods - get it fast - or it's GONE!  They change their merchandise constantly!
Hope you all have a wonderful, beadiful, peaceful weekend,

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