Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Walking on Sunshine

I think I know what Katrina and the Waves meant by that song, cuz WOW!  My day consisted of a great meeting with Sharon at OffRack Boutique - I'll be selling my things there as one of just a few chosen designers. She'll be ready for us, in a room all our own, by the end of June.   Her shop is very small, with the front space being adult mens and womens gently used QUALITY clothing.  Like from Gantos, and Chicos, and Hudsons - HIGH END QUALITY.  And the whole reason for deciding to have a room for artists to sell things is not necessarily to appeal to her customers, but rather to the CONSIGNERS that are bringing IN the high end clothing, that have - and will - and DO - spend a lot of money on nice, quality items that they love. And also for her professional contacts - consisting of many, many people in the music business (by "day" she's a music promoter and manager).  YAY ME!  I followed this with a quick 2 hour shift at the bookstore, and then came home to find TWO spectacular emails - one from Liz at The Great Lakes Bead Guild with the link to my FEATURE on the WEBSITE!

This was followed in the same batch by an email from Northridge Publishing, tentatively accepting one of my pieces that I submitted WEEKS ago (I lamented here about not hearing from them not too long ago, in fact).  There is a question as to whether or not it's important to know my SOURCE for ALL of the components, because unfortunately, I don't.  But I'm hoping it won't be an issue - so that I can BE in an ISSUE in October.    Daydream Believer is the project though, and I didn't think about how freeform it was - writing instructions are a bit tricky when you wing things.  I also have to try to remember where all the photos of Daydream Believer are - as they REQUIRE that the piece is NOT published photo wise anywhere else before the issue comes out.  Yikes. 

I also stopped by the hair salon and talked to my stylist about the stuff on top of my head called hair.
I think I'm chopping it.  Hubby won't be happy, and I will give him a "heads" up first.  Got till Friday to decide...
So wow.  What a day.  Celebratory mozz sticks and marinara (one of my faves), and relaxing with the fur kiddoes.....

Peaceful beading, everyone - and prosperous days to you too....

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