Saturday, May 5, 2012

Market Crazy

It's farmers market season again!  YAY!  I don't know why we go so market crazy - cuz it cost us a fortune.  And it's not just the fruits and veggies that gets us - THOSE we can justify.  It's the to die for lemon bars from the Mediterranian deli, it's the kettle corn that gets you with it's aroma the minute you pull into the parking lot.  And today it was also the new Mexican restaurant booth and it's wet burritos, which we discovered is an actual restaurant that opened a few months ago right by our house!, and a gourmet coffee vendor.  I was too late for my favorite jalapeno cheese bread, but the guy still talked me into regular cheese bread.  Homemade dog treats found their way into the bag, and to justify it all - a big bag of greens for tuna and salads.   PLUS - way over on the other side of town, there's the greenhouse/nursery that is also a farmers market, just not with a whole lot of locally grown stuff unless it's in season.  I went for a Clematis - and left with chips, and dip, and three kids of fruit and nut mixes, and oh yeah - that Clematis.   
So what's on your table for the weekend?  Beads - or chow?  In my case - BOTH!
Peaceful beading,

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