Friday, May 4, 2012

Pillow Talk

This is the pillow that I just finished embellishing for my cousin and his bride in a few weeks.  I love the colors, and think she will too. 

I didn't add as much detail as I usually do, I just looked at it and it said 'done' to me.  I think Z will agree.
Rainy Friday.  New hair Friday.  Hate when that happens.  Can't go out and about showin' off a new 'do when it's rainy - it'll get ruined.  Bah.  I think I'm chickening out of my original plan to go short anyway - I'm just too large, and too OLD to pull off the style I wanted.  So trimmin' the bob - and callin' it good.
Getting ready to post on Etsy again - a few views here and there - but honestly - WHAT does it take? 
A little frustrated already, and it's only the 2nd month in.  But I'll stick it out, and may get a bit more traffic when folks that stop by my table at the shows this summer ask if I'm on line - or have a website. 
Hopin' to make some headway on my newest creation this afternoon too - a bead embroidered cuff style PEACOCK inspired bracelet.  I'm on the second cab section now - labradorite.  ;0)  Photos soon....
Peaceful beading,
(LOVE how my paragraphs centered the last line.  I DIDN'T do that on purpose -but it looks cool!)

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