Saturday, May 26, 2012

No babbles are good babbles

Not trying to ignore my reading public, just haven't had much to babble about in the last week or so - except my garden.  That's pretty much all I've been spending my time on, and where I love to be this time of year;  everything is so green, and new, and it's exciting to watch the changes everyday - the opening of a flower bud that you just discovered yesterday, the sprouts of the impatiens seeds you strewed in the big pot way out back.  GROWTH.  Renewal.  It makes me happy.

Many of the plants in this photo from a week ago are already larger - and flowery-er. :0)
So much to be grateful for in this garden of serenity.
A few more changes and additions yet to make - new 'seats' on the garden chairs for pots to sit on, and I'll be combing some yard sales in the next few weeks looking for the perfect lounging chair for my little nook space.  FINALLY got my hubby to clear some of his things out of it, so that I can use it for relaxing - as was intended.  I'm considering painting some simple flowers on the door - and I'm not even a painter!  But it's part of the vision I have for the space, so I may have to at least try....
Peaceful beading everyone, enjoy the gardens in your life,

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