Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Life from 10 to 2

That’s how I described it to a few people today, so I decided it would make a fun blog post.   And it’s how I’ve been learning to do things for the past several months – since my poor car finally petered out and yelled uncle for good.   Hubby and I have been sharing when needed – so in order to have his vehicle back home in time for his afternoon work shift – my errands, my appointments – MY LIFE – pretty much takes place from 10 to 2.  
 I’ve been doing a lot of thinking (because without transportation, what else is there to do?) lately about what NOT driving, NOT doing, NOT going places is all about for me.   I’ve also been given some sage input from good friends about this time being spent all alone –and I agree -  it’s giving me time for ME.
 During the past few months -  my creativity has been more profound,   

my ideas have been more thought provoking,  and my life when I DO get to be out and about has been much more enjoyable – and something to look forward to.

But there IS something to be said about tootling around in a car,     
radio on to your favorite station,  no one to talk to but the disc jockey and the seat beside you .   Sometimes it’s just nice to drive around - usually with a destination – but sometimes not.  It occurred to me a long time ago that most of my thinking – my organizing plans, my schedule, my decision making – has taken place during my drives across town.   Not sure why – it’s just always helped me think. 
Today was no different.  Had places to go, people to see and things to do between 10 & 2 – and boy, did I get some thinkin’ done too!  NOW THAT’S a great drive!

Peaceful beading,

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Wishin and Hopin

I know I use this image a lot in my blog - but she seriously conveys my sentiments about SO many things!

Right now - I'm wishing on more than one star, and a whole bunch of X'd fingers about more than one thing....

*I still have to wait another month or so to hear from Fire Mountain Gems about the contest I entered "Mariposa" in.  
Not sure what takes so long....but the waiting is killing me!

*I have a show coming up on Saturday.  I am wishing and hoping that this silly juvenile government shut down doesn't affect my sales.  I realize that people need to feed their families and pay their bills, but it would be nice if they could afford those little extras that make them feel good - like my jewelry, for instance.  So yep, X'd fingers for that one too.

*And I guess I'm a glutton for punishment on the contest front - because I entered ANOTHER one yesterday.  Not really ready to reveal a whole lot about that one yet.  I will do so once I (IF I) make it to the second round.  The winner will get $500 AND a wholesale sales contract with a major online vendor I decided to give it a shot.  I entered "Call of the Wild".  It hasn't been in show circulation for about a year.
*I've also decided to bring the show HOME, so to speak - as far as teaching and parties.  If you're a Facebook friend, you may have gotten the event invite to my TWO November home parties - Make, Take and Play!  Create a quick and easy project (great for gift giving), and of course, shopping - for both jewelry, AND beads.  I wish I had the space to leave it up year round - but for now, I timed it so that the racks will go up two weeks before the Holiday Home show - making me have to get busy and get started SOON. 
I plan to do these about every quarter or so.
Wish me luck - on ALL counts!
 And lastly - sadly - tomorrow may be the last day that I own my baby:

A 1996 "Hawaiian Orchid" Purple Chevy Cavalier that I bought brand new.  I remember the first day I drove it home from the dealership, 20 miles from home - ICE STORM.  And I'd never used anti-lock brakes.    It had it's share of issues when I first got it, even had the warranty extended by the manufacturer because it was in the shop so many times in the first year. BUT - after that - it was a great car.
And just like everything - little by little - one thing after another - it became NOT such a great car, and now pretty much sits right there.  We will be selling it to one of the junk yards for whatever they'll give us.  THAT is how bad it is now.  I haven't really needed a car a whole lot in the last 6 months; managing to shuffle with hubby and borrow from the 'rents, so I HOPE I don't miss it too much when it's finally gone.
Off on a beautiful day on a color tour of Pure Michigan - so definitely photos SOON!
Peaceful beading,

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Three's a Charm and Bling for your Arm!

What a fun day yesterday in Frankenmuth and at Bead Haven.

I've always wanted to take one of their unique classes - usually involving seed beads somehow (of course), and always sparkly.  There were 6 of us on this trip - 5 of us in the class, and 1 that came along for the ride, shopped and enjoyed her own project while we worked.
Say hello to the girls of WWB (Women Who Bead) - (from left to right) Judy 1, Elizabeth, Judy 2, and Catherine

Here's Judy 3 - hanging out and watching over all.  (And just in case you're wondering - YES, there is a Judy 4 - she couldn't join us this time!)
There were 14 of us in the class altogether (couldn't get them all in the photos!), so after a whirlwind session of choosing our colors and getting our supplies (keeping those staff members on their toes!), we sat down to begin:
My colors - black and a soft teal-y green.  I used the color Celadon for my Rivoli.  (NOTE TO ELIZABETH- NOT RAVIOLI!  LOL!)

Catherine's colors - purples - also on the black base.
 Judy 1 chose black, silver and hematite.

Judy 2 a more metalllic version of the teals, with a bluish/metallic base.

 Elizabeth chose blues - on a blue base.
 After about an hour (and a start over, darn peyote step up) - I've got ONE done!

All the girls at our table, hard at work (there's our fearless leader, Tricia from Bead Haven, standing back by the door, answering questions and patiently helping each of us with our various boo-boos)

Wow girls.  Just look at that concentration!

Second one went a bit faster than the first....
 And MY final result!  The "Three's a Charm" bracelet with licorice leather band.  The clasp was a little tricky - you have to work and trim the leather to make it fit, and then GLUE it on.  My brain is already working to come up with a different solution to that one - but it didn't keep me from buying a SECOND one, which I purchased golden hues for....

 And don't worry - we arrived in plenty of time for me to come back with quite the haul:  LOOKIE MARCIA!  I finally found a copy of your new book!

I wish I had photos of the other girls bracelets, but I think Judy 1 was the only one that actually finished hers during class time.  We'll probably all be wearing them at our next meeting, so maybe I'll remember to get a group shot!  
All in all it was a fun day, and we all enjoyed ourselves immensely.  THANKS to Tricia, and Jason and the rest of the staff at Bead Haven for your patience with all of us pushy broads.  That store was quite busy yesterday due to other events happening in the Frankenmuth area, and you took care of all of us.
It's just one reason why we keep taking that hour plus road trip to return again and again!
Off to enjoy my new pretties.  It's gonna rain all day today.  Darn.  Guess I'll just have to bead.
Peaceful beading, TTFN

Friday, October 4, 2013

The usual babble

This week, most of my time has been spent gearing up for the fall/Halloween jewelry selling season.  Which for me, will be just one show this year, unless someone scoops something up off a blog page or Facebook.  I WILL have a few more Halloween themed pieces listed on the MORE jewelry page soon - gimme a day or two - I'll have better photos and details on a few of these - as well as a few more:

The bracelet on the bottom "The Widow's Web" is fun - the spider is removable - making the bracelet less Halloween - and more everyday.  This is all freeform peyote work - with lots of crystal - $80.00.
Much more to come - think I've got some fun earrings on the brain for this afternoon....stay tuned.
Then I've got to start on the HOLIDAY designs - I think there's a few ideas for those floating around in there somewhere, too.  Oh - and the Shiawassee Art Center Holiday at the Center show begins mid-November - so the race is on to get the perfect mix of designs (earrings, rings, a brooch, necklaces, bracelets and last but not least - a bead embroidered button) ready for them in a few weeks too.  SHEW!  Not to mention starting to get the house in show order for the Holt Sampler Craft show in November.  Double shew!
On a more serious note - and the reason for editing the blog - you will notice that the link to Smittendust Studio no longer exists.  While it's a nice place to play, the owner's vision is in a much more altered art direction than my current style allows.  So we've come to a parting of the ways.  Dimondale's not always an easy little village for these kinds of endeavors, so I wish them luck.  Sad that I now have no current venue other than my HOME to teach in, which is ALWAYS a possibility.  And if I could just get rid of the big unused couch in the front room - I could have PERMANENT classroom space!  May have to give Craig's List another go....

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!  I hope to have photos soon of my adventure tomorrow - off to Frankenmuth's Bead Haven to take a fun class that involves seed beads, crystal rivolis, and a leather bracelet base.  FUN!  There are 2 cars worth of fun beady women making the trip - so I hope to have a fun tale to tell.
Peaceful beading,