Saturday, April 28, 2012

Coyote 'digs'

Finally finished rearranging my little bead and jewelry space at Coyote Wisdom, at least for now.  Retagging all of the beads is going to be a long drawn out process, but I kind of like what I have done so far.  I like my new 'rack' so much, (in reality, it's a wire mesh desk organizer standing on end), that I may return to TJ Maxx to see if they have another one exactly the same size.  It worked realllly well.  I tried to add a little brightness to the cubbies, too - but that's a little harder without spending $$ on more lighting.  So anyway, here's the penny tour:

Cool Beads at Coyote

The wire mesh 'rack'

Still have a few things to add.  I realized I never returned the pieces I pulled to take to the Expo a few weeks ago.  So I did leave a little bit of room.  Need to create some new simple stringing bracelet kits too - between sales and last weeks class - they're pretty picked over!
Hope you enjoyed the little tour. 
Peaceful beading,

Friday, April 27, 2012

Ups and downs

Today was the ending of a rather bittersweet week.  Yesterday, I pulled my jewelry out of the Gallery Shop at The Lansing Art Gallery after showing and selling things there (semi successfully) for about two years.  It was MY choice, which just so happened to coincide with another ending - the closing of The Grand-dale Shoppe, the quaint little gift and consignment shop in the heart of the village of Dimondale, just down the way.  I began renting a small space from them last July, and looking back on my sales reports, did rather well there.  Alas, they decided to actually RETIRE RETIRE.  They both had already retired from their respective day jobs a few years ago, and this was something fun to keep them busy.  Ultimately, their cabin on the lake, and their camper for the beach won out.  So I am down two sellings sites in one week.  I should probably feel a bit sad, and should probably even be a bit scared that I'm not.  I will still sell my things at Coyote Wisdom as long as the owner will let me, and I do have my Etsy site, which I hope, starting May 1, to make a daily update, in your face kind of thing.  Then again - having a summer of rest and relaxation, with a few shows to sustain me and pay for more beads in between, may suit me just fine.  More than a few shows actually - two in June, two in July, one in August, two in September, one in October and a three day show in mid-November here in my home, which will be a part of a township wide house to house holiday market that is open to the public.  The summer will also be spent making my house worthy of the traffic.....
I also want to give myself some extra special garden time this year.  I am already chomping at the bit to actually PLANT, and do have a few surprises to look forward to with every visit down the path.  This little guy popped up a day or two ago - a Black Magic Pansy.  Hope he survives tonights frost and tomorrows frigid SNOWY forecast.  Poor baby.   Terry took advantage of the warmth of the sun today and took the dogs to the park.  Bella needed a hosing down - but she sure does looooove to swim in that slimy pond.  I will be accompanying them one day soon, camera in tow - but it was still a bit chilly for me today.

And last but never least, the countdown is on for the arrival of my snowbird parents, an entire month early from Florida.  They'll be here NEXT WEEKEND.  They, getting on in age and ailments, will also probably take up a bit of extra time this summer.  I am glad to have time to provide.  You only have parents ONCE.  And I am lucky at this stage in my life to still have BOTH of mine. 

Have a beautiful weekend one and all.  Photos will come early in the week of changes made to my bookstore space.  I hope it works better for all....
Peaceful beading,

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hump Day Happiness

I'm FREE!  I'm FREE!  I have an entire whole, gloriously FREE day to do whatever I want.  And it's going to be a nice one.  So I'm thinking a whole lot of NOTHING.  Maybe some basking in the sun, probably a bit of beading (but who wants to stay indoors?), definitely some reading since my library book (yep - took a Nook book break) is due back tomorrow.  Which is when the madness starts all over again - tomorrow.  Library.  Art Gallery.  Book club.  Custom order delivery.  Pillow pick up.  Run, run, it's nice to have a day to breathe beforehand. 
I will probably post photos of the pillow when I have it done, but basically, I have a friend and her mom who collaborate on creating cute little throw pillows with embroidered quotes and messages, and I then add bead embroidery to it.  I've had one specially made for a wedding we having coming up, with the phrase "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" on it.  Something very unique that they definitely won't get doubles of!
I hesitated to do a pillow for this particular couple (my cousin and his bride), because I did a similar one (larger, different phrase) for his brother and his wife about 3 years ago.  But since I think I remember Z (short for Zakiah) saying she loved it - I'm thinking it will be a good gift.  ;0)
So I guess if I'm going to truly enjoy my day of FREEdom - I better go get the drudgery of dishes and countertops out of the way.
And by the way - probably no Bead Table Wednesday post today - table's bare at the moment!  Miracle!
Peaceful beading,

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hello, Mojo!

Busy day on the beading front!  Finally!  I actually completed TWO - count them TWO - projects today.  First - "Roaring 20's".  The pink and antique goldish one I talked about a few blogs ago.  I started it while at the Art Expo show last week.  It's always fun to be working on a project for people to watch and comment on.  Today - it was finally done:

I really love the vintage look, and even made a cute little beaded bead for the closure in the back.  One thing about this piece is that it WILL need to be worn with care.  I maintained the natural curve of my sterling round wire when stringing on the crystal drops, but it could be kinda easy to yank it out of shape.  So moms with babies - this one would not be for you.   Sorry.
My next piece was purely and simply for ME.  I found all these components when JoAnn was having a 50% off sale a week or two ago.  I decided to create something with them today:

I still have just enough of everything left to make a funky bracelet to match.  But probably not today.  Now it's time for sunning on the porch, and catching up on my reading and my daily vice - The Young and the Restless.
Thanks to all of my followers for stopping by:  I've reached the 9,000 reader mark!  Yahoo!  I hope to keep you entertained (or bored enough that you can't look away) for another 9,000 more!
Peaceful beading,

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Blogger shock!

Whoa!  What has happened to Blogger?  Granted, it's been a few days since I posted - but wow.  Might take a bit of getting used to....
Anyway - I digress.  My original intent for babbling today is to wonder - what is supposed to happen when a call for submissions is made? Does anyone know?  I have answered Bead Trends call for work TWICE now - and I get no response at all.  Is this the norm?  Shouldn't they at least have a canned automated reply saying we got your submission and will consider it by such and such a date?  Or just consider it?  Because that would be CONSIDERATE.  Instead, I sit here wondering if it went, or if it's still flyin' around out there somewhere in cyber space.  And then there's the other side of the submission coin.  Why do most of the big mags even bother to ASK for submissions anymore when the only submissions being accepted seem to be from the big, well known designers that they already have on contract?  I have applied to do the challenge in Beadwork THREE times now - and all three times I've been thrown over for someone 'in the biz'.  Just one more part of beading that's frustrating me right now.  Etsy is another.  I wanted, WILLED, it to be more successful this time.  And I've had very few views right from the start.  Again, I believe Etsy to be all about who buys from who, and the little groups and cliques.   I will probably add a few new pieces next week, but again - with all the locally based shows I have coming up later this summer, I hate to tie up a designer piece languishing on Etsy that could be seen - and possibly bought - locally.  IF I could get local people to buy my statement pieces AT ALL.  HELLO?  Another frustration.  Honestly - I am thinking about hanging up my needles.  I have so many pieces that I am proud of.  I KNOW they are of quality work, and I put much effort and LOVE into every one of them.  And here they sit.  In a box.  In a bag.  Waiting for the next show date - which just happens to not be until JUNE 9th.  That's 9 weeks away! 
I am also considering pulling out of the art gallery for a little while.  The last thing I sold was 3 months ago, and before that - during the Holiday Market.  I didn't enjoy volunteering there as much as I thought - I expected it to be a learning experience, rather than a stand around and watch the paintings dry experience.  I will sleep on it a few more nights (hopefully without obsessing at 3am again) but I think that's where I'm headed.  I may also be headed that way with bead sales at the bookstore too - but I will TRY retagging a portion of the stock first, with some new displays, and see how it goes.  Much to think on in that regard too.  I really love Connie, and my life is enriched by everyone associated with that store, but things are changing that may make me need to change too.
No wonder I can't sleep at night.
All I know is I need some new inspiration.  I need a new door, a new avenue - a NEW PLAN.  Any ideas?
Peaceful beading (or in my case at the moment - Scrabble playing),

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Best laid plans

I think I was overthinking things.  Making them too complicated.  The tag problem at the bookstore is simply going to be my square stickers that I already use - one on each side of a piece of cardstock.  The hardest part will be cutting them up - and I may splurge on a paper cutter, and attaching them. Then they can just peel off one, and leave the customer with one.  I found some cool stuff at TJ Maxx that will be modified and turned into strand displays.   I hope that everyone appreciates and agrees to comply with - my efforts by retaining the tag for both Connie, and then my, records.  Time will tell.....
Had a wonderful day out and about.  Usually when I leave the house before 9:30 am and don't arrive home until almost 6 - I'm exhausted.  But I feel pretty good.  Must be that Reiki treatment I got in the midst of it all today... the 10am meeting was attended by ALL of us (7 in all) for a change, and we each brought an idea or thought to the 'table'.  I followed that meeting by sitting in on the usual Thursday morning group that I used to belong to, and getting filled with wonderful Reiki energy.  Very few regulars today though, but it was nice to have time to catch up with those that were there.  We even had a bit of a celebrity in the house - our own Liz brought her son Jon, who is on the U of M basketball team, soon to become captain, followed by PRO ball after graduation.  When you mention the name Jon Horford to anyone in the community - they all seem to know who he is.  A nice young man (boy, does that make me sound old), with a good head on his shoulders.  Liz is a proud and good mom.  Followed THAT with a bit of shopping, a nice lunch, and finally finishing our book that we started at CHRISTMAS time in book club!  In other words - we don't do much READING in BOOK club.   LOL!
I am so hoping that tomorrow, after the payday Friday errands are done, that my day will consist of beads, beads and more beads.  I need them. 
So happy that it's finally spring - the birds chirping, the new plants sprouting about here and there....yay SPRING!
Peaceful beading,

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just in time for Bead Table Wednesday

My mojo has returned!   YAHOOOO!  And it brought it's friend, the pattern fairy.  By that, I mean I seem to be successfully coming up with an original pattern for something quite new on the market - the TWIN bead.  Still writing, still experimenting, still doing MAJOR frog stitch (if you're not familiar, that's taking work OUT-'rip it' 'rip it').  But I think it will be cute in the end.  I little lacier than I planned, and still have NO idea how I will add a closure, or what kind - I'll worry about that if I actually successfully get to an end I'm happy with.  Here's where I am so far....

And the fun thing is about these Twin beads - THEY GLOW IN THE DARK!  How cool is that?  That's why I had intended to create something a little funkier, but really, they're too small to do funky justice if you get what I mean.  So hey, twin bead makers out there everywhere (because you know there will be more than one place making them) - how 'bout BIGGER ones?  Like size 8ish?  Or 6?

I think I'm going to be happy with the result.  You'll just have to check back (or check Facebook for the link) to see the finished piece. 
I will be presenting my packaging solution to the bookstore today.  Wish me luck.
Peaceful Wednesday beading,

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The light dawns (pre-dawns, actually....)

Not sure why it always happens at 4 in the morning, but I THINK I have a workable solution to my price tag problem at Coyote.  I have to run everything by the owner first, but I am hopeful that all will work.  I'm sure she'll be fine with the tags, and the bags even, but adding the rack - not sure how she'll feel.  And she'll want to actually SEE it in place, which means dragging it up there, and then hoping I can leave it.  Otherwise - back to the drawing board.  This is what I'm hoping to use as a replacement for the rods across the window:
The bags will be larger, though - more like 3x3 or 3x4.  Won't have as many either, but that's ok.  I can always restock.  The hardest and most time consuming part will be rebagging all the strands I so pain stakingly UNBAGGED over the course of the few years I had the shop.  ~sigh~.
The tags will be two part - I'll have to cut and hand-crease them (so that the bottom can be torn off), but I still think I can make it work.   It will look something like this:   

Cool Moon

Cool Moon       

I did some checking on line, and found several already 'perfed' tags - but much, much larger.  I want, and I'm sure Connie wants, something much smaller.  The empty space will have the name of the stone written in, and the crease will be just above the second Cool Moon. I HOPE. IN THEORY. That's how I see it in my head. I just have to have a sample and photos, as well as maybe even the rack itself ready by Thursday morning.
I also am making progress in finding the matching pieces to complete the custom pair of earrings.  I THOUGHT I had gotten them at JoAnn, but alas, realized they were a Prima Bead item.  And wouldn't you know, that is the ONE thing they're sold out of?  So I found something very close, and she said she wouldn't mind another color anyway, so crossing fingers.  Hope it works out. 
Off to Grand-dale again for one of my last few days.  Just a few hours.  Plenty of bead time before and after.  And my mojo is slowly sneaking back in.  I worked on a pretty antique-y looking piece at the Expo, and then yesterday picked up (at 50% off all strands) some cool chunky pink/clear/brown Fire Agate and accents of pearl, crystal and chunky peachy pink agate to match.  FUNKY!  FUN!  Can't wait to start that one.  Hello MOJO!
And thanks to Zeus, my babble is being cut short (you can thank him with dog treats).  He wants his breakfast.  NOW.  WOOF.

Peaceful beading,


Monday, April 16, 2012

Two days down, it was just so so

What more is there to say?  Although a fun time was had by all (at least those in my immediate orbit), it was not as heavily attended as we had hoped.  A bit disappointed in the turn out, since the center where the show was being held had quite a few other events happening.  But I kept my chin up, and over the course of the two days made about $120.00.  It isn't much - but since I only paid $30 for the space - I DID make a profit.  Still can't get anyone to purchase my statement pieces though.  I still haven't found the right market for them.  Considering Etsy - but hate to have them tied up there until late summer, when I have about 4 other shows lined up before then that I would like to take them to.  Ugh.  What to do.  Too many things to think about at 2 am again.  I've also got to make a decision about the beads at Coyote.  It will make me sad to have to pull them out, but I simply don't have the funds or the inclination to retag every single strand with two part tear off tags that are marked exactly the same on both parts.  TIME CONSUMING.  Not to mention expensive.  And I still don't know that it will make the clerks (myself included) remember to tear off and keep 1/2.  But if it isn't done the way the owner wants, I may not be able to keep them there.  That is also keeping me awake.  
Now on to another of my favorite, but sometimes just as frustrating subjects - my garden:  the seeds that we sowed are already becoming seedLINGS - the homemade greenhouse is working perfectly.  Can't wait until my garden is in bloom again.  I think this is my least favorite time of year - because of the WAITING.  I want everything to be beautiful RIGHT NOW.  And because I'm in Michigan, and it's only mid-APRIL, I can't actually plant anything in the ground yet.  We're still getting hard freezes at night.  So it's wait, wait, wait...and I'm not good at that.  I want to get my garden accents and statuary out too - but hubby says it's still too soon for that too.  Ugh.  More waiting.  I want it to look like THIS again:

And it will.  Someday.  Just not soon enough for me!!!!!
Peaceful beading,

Sunday, April 15, 2012

One down, one to go

Here's a little peek at my table display for the Art Expo.  While it's been fun, it hasn't been entirely profitable.  And I'm not sure if the fact that it's storming will have an effect on traffic today.  It's early still - not even light yet - and we don't start until noon today.  But there is a 70% chance of these crazy storms on and off all day, and they've already sent the power out once.  So let's hope, pray, do a reverse rain dance that it will be drier this afternoon.  Not to mention how hard it would be to load the car in the rain when all is said and done.  Blah.'s what I've got going on, which I may change a bit before we open today...

I'm thinking of removing the big purple frame from the center, and putting the mannequin there instead.  But we'll see.  At the same time - I like it for the purple.  Of course.  ;0)
I DID start a new project while there yesterday though, so the mojo is slowly returning.  I also have a request to EXACTLY DUPLICATE a pair of earrings that I sold.  Don't do it very often, but these don't have a lot of frilly freeform involved, so it should be quite simple.  Finding the accents that I used will be the hard part.  I was able to take an excellent photo of them, and enlarged it when I printed it - so seeing the detail and stitches that I did is pretty easy.  Now to find those center dangles....

So wish me luck for my second day.  If I could sell just ONE of my statement pieces, I'd be jumpin' for joy.
Peaceful beading,

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Today's the day

Up just 5 minutes before the alarm, with queasy nervous stomach and my injured eye acting up - but off I'll go in about an hour.  I am proud to say that I consolidated everything I will need into 3 bags, a rolling cart, the purple rack and the metal table.  A trip each for both of us. 
Wish me luck and lots of sales.  I have many people telling me they'll 'try to stop by'.  Doesn't sound very promising - but then it's usually the folks that I've never met that are my buying public.  My friends just come for support.  And I am grateful for both.
Peaceful beading (although my mojo - peaceful or otherwise, has still not returned),

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

No news. Good news.

Sorry there's been no postings for a few days.  Don't even think I'm gonna do Bead Table Wednesday today.   I lost the 'mojo' again, and have barely touched a bead in days.  I have almost completed my prep, inventory and packing for the big weekend show, which I'm nervous about, which is probably why the mojo up and left me.
So no news.  Not really.  Just been entertaining family for Easter, and playing a lot of Angry Birds and Scrabble.  Something to fill the time I would normally spend beading.
Don't stop visiting though.  I'm sure there will be beads in my future again soon, as well as news about how the weekend event has gone.  Here is the info again if you'd like to know - or pass it along...
Peaceful beading,

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hoppy Easter!

My husband kindly and politely (unbeknownst to me) invited his mother to Easter dinner tomorrow.  I found this out while grocery shopping this morning.  So, a bit of house cleaning has been on my agenda today, as well as creating a new dessert recipe.  Not sure I'll ever create it again - it's no bake, and just the prep still took almost an hour!

Doesn't it look scrumptious, though? 
It's Oreo/Reeses Chocolate No Bake Pie.  Provided by Pinterest, of course.  Lots of crushing and unwrapping, and two trips through the mixer.  Like I said - a LOT of work, but from the taste of licking beaters and bowls - yummy!  Too bad we have to wait until tomorrow to find out....tomorrow I'll be creating another new recipe for the main course - a sort of scalloped potato/ham/cheese thing that I also found on Pinterest.  Mom is bringing scalloped corn and rolls.  Bon Appetit!
I DID get a small bit of beading done this morning, in the quiet of pre-dawn.  I had mentioned in a previous post that the one thing that sells pretty consistently at the bookstore, and that I'm out of AGAIN - are these little charms.  I use color changing charms and/or beads in them, and give them a theme - for $8 people snatch them up quick!  Here are the ones I created this morning, 3 of which will already be spoken for.  My favorite one is the dragon/luck one in the middle....

It's a gorgeous day here in the middle of the mitten - the dogs dragged their dad to the dog park after groceries were put away.  They are ALL quite exhausted.  Bella just woke up from her nap to help lick bowls in the kitchen.  ;0)

Have a wonderful holiday everyone.  Travel safely and enjoy the ones you love....
Peaceful beading,

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Art Expo! display

This is just a general idea of how I think I'll set up my table.  This is a full foot shorter than those they'll provide, as well as probably narrower too.  But this will help give me an idea.  I've already nixed the shelving unit I spent hours digging out and off of my studio table.  Oh well.  I may still use that over the summer.  I also nixed one of the units I just bought.  TOO tall.  I opted for the screened display rack for earrings instead, which I'll be decorating with ivy, and maybe some fun stencils.  The little metal garden table will get moved over a foot to the end of the table, so that will also give me space between.  The squares of scrapbook paper will also be more strategically and nicely placed.  I just needed to get an idea of how much space I had for actual display pieces, so that they don't take away from the jewelry. 
The somewhat comical thing that happened, is that I left it set up just like this, overnight.  In the dark.  My husband doesn't get home from work until 11:30 in the evening.  He didn't know I had this set up.  He informed me this morning that the bust and the black necklace display 'freaked him out' when he came in last night!   BONUS!   Sorry hunny, but it IS rather funny....
Peaceful beading,

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A flashy, splashy Bead Table Wednesday

Here's the 'little bit of mojo' that struck me recently:

 I turned a simple, gold plated cross hatched wing dragonfly into THIS:

"A Splash of Flash".  Those cross hatched wings just screamed BEAD ME!, so I DID!  I have two more of those little lovelies - I'm thinking maybe earrings, but probably not in time for the Art Expo!
My not so busy week turned into a busy one - so off to enjoy another day of crazy.
Peaceful beading,

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Art Expo!

I knew I should have waited one more day.  But my 'worries' got the best of me.  I'm talking about the Art Expo! coming up.  There is a beautiful flyer that Yvette sent to us all last night - that we'll all distribute in our areas, as well as being advertised widely beginning this week.  See, I knew she'd come through. 
This is the wording on the poster.  I'm not computer savvy when it comes to uploading/downloading this sort of thing (PDF), but here's the text:
The East Lansing Public Art Gallery

In collaboration with the City of East Lansing &

The East Lansing Arts Commission


Art Expo!
Featuring Fabulous Local & Neighboring Artists

April 14th, 2012 ~ 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

April 15th, 2012, ~ 12:00pm to 5:00 pm

At the East Lansing Hannah Community Center

819 Abbot Road, East Lansing, MI

(1st Floor ~ Banquet Hall Room)

Paintings, Photography, Fiber Art, Crayon Art, Indian Art, Jewelry Artists, Polymer Clay Creations, Pottery and Much More!

The PERFECT way…

To select an ARTISTIC gift…

For your SPECIAL someone!


I think it's going to be a fairly small event - there were only 20 or so of us on the list.  But, just as with the summer Art Market - QUALITY versus QUANTITY.  Sometimes the big, BIG shows can get overwhelming to the visitors.  And those vendors 'stuck' at the back or end of the line are often out of luck because the visitors have spent their money on the way down through the show, or just plain tucker out before they finish, not realizing they're missing out on the best of the show!  I think 20 will be just fine.  It's quite an impressive bunch, too.  I know some, know OF some, and have seen some of the work.  We're going to have a GREAT weekend!
Now for the prep.  I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and got these:

I think I'm going to leave them purple. 

 This photo is the scrapbook paper I got that will accent the yellow velour and light beige cloths I'm going to be using.  That center section?  Yep - that's scrapbook paper that looks like pearls.  Excellent!
 Then when I was at Grand-dale last week, I divested them of this display rack, which I am covering in vintage looking paper.  It will stand on the table (since I only have 6 ft to work with, I'm goin' UP!).
 I've also been collecting various display items over the course of the last year or two.  I've used the metal pieces extensively in my displays already, and may add a second of the rack behind the bust, which is, actually  - a toilet paper roll holder.  HA!  Holds bracelets, and strands of beads beautifully.
 Last but not least, also a Grand-dale display find - these are actually meant to hang on the wall.  Not sure yet if I'll leave them this color, or distress them slightly, or just paint them all together. 
I will have limited time to set up the day of the show, though, so I have an almost 6 ft. table in the basement, and I'm going to set up my display here at home beforehand, and then photograph it - so that I have an idea of what I want to do when I get there.  At least - that's the PLAN. 
My beading mojo is also slightly returning.  I found a vintage dragonfly in my stash yesterday, that had cross hatched wings.  I am bead 'cross stitching' them, and attaching them to Stiff Stuff, so that I can embroider around the wings, too.  All metallics, for the Metal-icious line.  I've sold quite a few of those pieces at Coyote - so I may be on a crash course of  creating new pieces.  I would like to have a nice display of them to show off. 
Peaceful beading everyone,

Monday, April 2, 2012

Not feelin' the love

The bead love, that is.  Somehow, seemingly overnight - my mojo seems to have gone on spring break with the rest of the world.  I'm sure it will be back - probably as soon as my fun box of goodies comes from FMG this week.  But until then - I may not be feeling so beady - or bloggy.  I'm also getting a little nervous about the show coming up on the 14th and 15th, for a couple of reasons.  One - I haven't heard hide nor hair from the director since she confirmed my corner table back in 2011.  Haven't seen any marketing, any announcements, any 'what's happenings' in the local papers; I emailed her this morning.  I hope to get confirmation, and hopefully a download or two of some marketing materials to share with MY peeps.  Two - in trying to assume that this thing is still on,  I'm just plain nervous about sales.  I try so hard not to be - just go with the flow, what ever will be, will be (isn't that a song?)  But this has the potential for drawing big crowds, and big money.  I'm afraid I'm going to be at a disadvantage by not being able to offer credit card sales.  But do people really expect to be able to use a credit card at a venue such as this?  So many unknowns, as there usually are in this case.  And then there's THREE:  I need to finalize some shows that I THINK I applied to, through someone else.  Haven't really known her very well for very long, so I'm again, assuming I can count on her to follow through. 
See?  WAAAAAY too many things to worry about on a Monday morning!
One thing I DON'T have to worry about this Monday morning - my local shop sales.  I've got checks coming from both Coyote AND Grand-dale!  I had great BEAD sales at Coyote this weekend, and I'm glad, because I would really like to keep the bead inventory going there a bit longer.  More changes coming to the space I rent there - since I'm in a 'window', it's time for the air conditioner.  So I've got to move some things, and make up for the loss of space somehow.  The hamster in my brain is also spinning the wheels about that one. 
And oh, yeah - I should hear today, maybe tomorrow, about whether or not my article was accepted to Bead Design Studio.  Cross fingers.  Wish on eyelashes.  Find a spotted ladybug. 

Peaceful beading,