Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Garden Mysteries revealed

I planted a packet of seeds this spring called "Scatter Garden".  It didn't really even say on the label exactly what would bloom from those little seeds.  This week, the Scatter Garden is finally starting to reveal itself:
More to come.....
Spending the day with Mom - all of a sudden realized that I don't have a THING to wear to the wedding coming up in three weeks!

Monday, June 27, 2011


Thanks to the wonderful girls in the bead group, I've got funds again.  At least enough to pay a bill or two.  I decided to take a few (ok, 5 1/2) trays of beads to sell with me to group tonight.  I just explained that I'd had a bad weekend as far as sales, that I didn't expect them to buy, no pressure, just look if you want, and that everything was 50% off the price marked.  It worked!  Some bought, some didn't.  They all asked me to do it again in a few weeks.  OK!  And to think I couldn't get any of these ladies to buy from me when I had the store.  Of course - I'm sure it was the 50% off price that lured them, but still.  I can at least pay rent to Connie now.  Providing I haven't made that much this month.  I may have.  I haven't been there very much, and I know I've sold a few things - but I doubt that I will have sold enough to pay my rent.  We'll find out tomorrow....
Anyway, I thanked them all for contributing to 'the Sheryl fund'.  They were happy to help!
I've already starting working with a little bit of Saturday's stash - trying to work some silk ribbon in with some chain, Vintaj brass and verdigree stained findings, and a great PURPLE (of course) dragonfly focal.  It's not quite going like I'd hoped - I think I need more Vintaj!
Hopefully some photos tomorrow.... Working at Coyote, and then probably a free outdoor concert afterward.  Should be a beautiful day.  Visually, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


As far as shows go, anyway.  Another bust.  ONE $15 sale does not a good show make.  I just don't get it.  I greet everyone that walks up to the table, I smile, I'm wearing bright clothing, even though I didn't have a camera to take pictures of my table to show you - in my opinion, it kicked ass!  So why didn't I?  Seriously.  This is getting ridiculous.  I've come to the conclusion that it is just impossible to make a living selling beads and beaded jewelry.  I'm not looking forward AT ALL into trying to find an actual job in the working world, but I think I'm going to have to hang up the bead crimpers.   I've tried 2 different websites, having my own store, doing shows, selling on Etsy, selling on consignment.  I just can't sell my stuff.  Not unless I am willing to sell an $80 or $100 piece for less than $10.  And I just don't think I can do it.  At least not yet.  I am considering having a clearance tray IF I decide to do another show (not sure I even want to do another one), and I'm gonna take a tub of beads to bead group tomorrow night and let them have them at clearance prices if they want.  BUT - since we all just went on that buying trip yesterday, my guess is they aren't going to have the funds for it either....
Honestly, as much as I agree with the post about pricing your worth into your pieces, I'm starting to understand why some people may consider selling on Heartsy or at clearance prices.  I've got a HUGE inventory (because I love to create) that just keeps getting bigger and bigger because apparently I am the ONLY one that appreciates my creativity.  OOH's and AAAH's don't pay the bills!  Once again, the beaded jewelry vendor that copies all of her jewelry out of books and magazines and sells them AT COST was the big winner, winner chicken dinner  today.  I just can't compete with that. 
So peaceful SUCCESSFUL beading everyone - if I can't be, I hope you are....

Saturday, June 25, 2011


I took a chance - and won!  I felt really crappy when I got in the car and drove the few blocks to Catherine's this morning, but figured if I was just riding, and there were other passengers, I could sit quiet, not have to talk much, and just enjoy the day.  Well - I ended up talking (as well as I could, anyway), way more than I planned, and although I did spend some time resting in the van while the others shopped, I felt much, much better before mid-afternoon, and was able to mostly enjoy the day.  I think we all had fun - but I don't like that there are so many of us that we can't all go in one car.  It's hard to talk to everyone, and see what everyone purchases. 
We really squeezed in the bead shops - Munro Crafts, Too Cute Beads (the neatest, tidiest most organized bead store I've ever been in, including my own!), Bead Bohemia (as cool as it's name), and in between an excellent Italian meal, and a funky, boho hippy chic art market called The Rustbelt.  Melanie Brooks of Earthenwood Studios has a very cool booth there full of steampunk, key charms, lots of clay lovelies, and silk ribbons to finish it all.  I'm excited to play with my purchases - I will probably do 'stash' photos from all 4 stores throughout the week - I don't even know which one to start with first!
Wish me luck tomorrow.  The first of 4 Crafters' Marketplace (or Art Markets) at the Central Park Pavilion in Okemos.  I'm as ready as I'll ever be.  Packing the Jeep will be a 3 or 4 trip (tops) thang in the morning - and off I'll go.
Hope I get more sleep tonight.  I'm feeling better, but very tired.  I think Ibuprofen and a dog or two to cuddle is in order....
Peaceful beading,


As in plans.  Maybe.  I thought this dang cold/virus thing was close to gone, even going out into the world and running errands yesterday.  That may have been my mistake.  Because something has now settled in my throat, and although I haven't had a chance to actually speak to anyone - I have a feeling nothing more than a squeek is going to come out.  yay.  I still have time to decide whether I want to chance joining the girls today, for two reasons:  1.  I don't want them to catch what I have and 2.  I don't know if this is going to progressively get worse throughout the day.  And I don't even want to think about tomorrow.  It's very possible that I am going to have to skip the Art Market.  Not sure what the Universe is trying to tell me by beating me down when I most desperately need to be UP - but there's not much I can do.  I am allergic to many (most) cold meds, especially anything with an antihistimine.  I can't just 'pop a pill' like most people.  I just have to stay calm, and ride it out. 
So you may see me here again later today.  Because I may have nothing else to do.  Rats.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Books, Books and more books

Did you know.....that I self published TWO books? 
Beading Zen....Finding yourself among your Beads is chock full of tips I've learned along the way, as well as information on beading from a metaphysical point of view - semi precious stones, use of Chakras, Goddess inspiration, and nature's influence, to name a few.  This was a labor of love that took over a year. No one even knew I was doing it except for Connie, the owner of Coyote Wisdom where I'm currently working and selling beads. She proof read the chapters, and gave me suggestions and encouragement when needed.   I just knew I wanted to do it, something was telling me I HAD to do it, so it was mostly for ME.  Finding a way to publish it was the hardest part.  Using Blurb was simple - they supply the FREE software with options for many different layouts, but unfortunately, getting the book noticed when done this way is practically impossible.  I have a few copies - both hard cover and soft cover that I had put away, but have begun taking it to the shows again this year.  Even if it's just a conversation piece - it's getting noticed.
Then, because creating Beading Zen was so much fun,  just a few months later, I chose to do My Life in Beads

which is more of a photo journal, and something that I used as a portfolio for awhile.  It, too, was more for ME, and contains photos of some of my favorite pieces, along with beautiful quotes, song lyrics and sayings I love.    The feeling of accomplishment was so great after doing these, that I have a THIRD book in the planning stages - with actual projects this time - but would like to find a different way to publish.  It will happen, when the time is right. 
And one more thing about those books - almost ALL of the photography for these books was done by my sister in law, Holly Mayes of Photos from the Heart photography.   At the time she was just getting started, and hadn't really worked with this medium before.  She is now a professional photographer in the area, specializing in some of the most unique and beautiful wedding photography I've ever seen.  Proud of you, girl!
So anyway, that's my little horn toot for today-for me, and for Holly!  I'm feeling much better, my head is clearer, and I may even be able to go out into the world today.  Actually I HAVE to go out into the world today to pick up a few things and head to the credit union before Sunday's Art Market.  I went through my previous inventory yesterday, pulled some things out, added some things in, and am once again ready to roll.  Now if I can just remember where I put those dang earring case keys....
Peaceful beading everyone!  I'll blog again after my road trip with the bead girls (all 4 Judy's are going) to bead shops in the Detroit area, and the Art Market on Sunday.  WISH ME LUCK!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Book, Museum and Runway

If you read my last blog post then you read the mention about having one of my pieces worn on 'the runway'. It occurred to me that at the point that all that happened, it was PREBLOG, so not very many people are or were even aware of my very first 'brush with fame'. 
One of my pieces was chosen from a call for artists to appear in a beautiful inspiration 'coffee table' book called "Bead Dazzled: Where Beads and Inspiration Meet" by Penni Diamonte of BeadDazzled in Maryland.

"Turquoise Dream" was sent to Maryland, modeled on an actual person for the book, and then placed on exhibit for a museum gallery opening gala.  I was invited to the show, but alas, wasn't able to attend.  Included as a part of the gallery gala was a fashion show, where models wore the pieces that were featured in the book.  BUT - somehow, because they displayed the jewelry before the evening of the gala, they SOLD "Turquoise Dream", so didn't have the piece for the model to wear.
 So they called me and asked me to send something else that I felt was worthy of the runway.  Enter "Butterfly Garden".  This was the piece that the model wore on the runway at the gala..... 
 Believe it or not, "Butterfly Garden" is still around, and probably in a zip bag in a box somewhere.  It was also an original design project I submitted to Bead and Button (and was rejected), had for sale at our local art gallery, and was also one of the feature pieces at my OWN gallery opening a few years ago.  I think I need to get it back out to enjoy another summer of shows, don't you?

Pricing jewelry? READ THIS!

Here is a link to a wonderfully written blog ('Handmade jewelry-ridiculously cheap' is the header)  regarding pricing ANYTHING handmade - it doesn't have to apply just to jewelry - although I believe most of her followers are jewelry and glass makers.  All I know is - nothing annoys me more than people commenting that they can 'make it cheaper', or someone wanting something - one of my HANDMADE creations - for next to nothing, because they don't understand, or maybe just don't CARE - about the work that goes into our ART.  I get a little testy when people refer to me as a crafter, too.  I am WAAAAAAY past crafter, peeps.  My work is Art Gallery, Museum and RUNWAY (yes, I had a piece worn on a model a few years ago) worthy.  THAT is art - and is worthy of every penny I ask for it.
So read this blog - and the subsequent comments.  It's very interesting, enlightening, and eye opening.

Peaceful beading,

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pin me!

My latest idea - pendants on removeable necklace ribbon or cord with a pin back on it - Pin-Dants!  My mom didn't seem real impressed with the idea - we'll see how they do at the Marketplace on Sunday.  I have these made, and am working on one more - A Red Hat themed one, but that one may have to make it's debut at the next Marketplace.
"Shoulda been a Cowgirl"  - hard to see close up, but it's quite western, with little stars and lots of browns and blues...
"Shades of Summer" This one has changed since the photo. 
Mom thought it looked nicer on a turquoise ribbon....

"I Believe I can Fly"....

"Whispering Wind" - don't know why - it just looked windy to me.

This one was the easiest, because I did the Onyx Cab/Pearl focal a couple of years ago to attach to a tatted choker that my sister in law made.  It was recently 'recycled' - and this is what happened to the pendant portion.  "Pearly Girl".

These are really fun to do, without the added hassle of how to finish a strap.  I hope my customers like the concept.

And here's a question for you - how does everyone feel about the whole 'ethics in beading' thing?  I THINK that there is an ArtBeads FB posting regarding a piece that the woman claims is an original design - that came straight out of a mag.  I could be wrong - or SHE could be the designer of the piece in the mag - but I don't think so.  I was just wondering if I should ask the question - or just let it go and let karma run it's course....I think I'm goin' with the karma angle...
Peaceful beading, all - and I sure hope you are not the next recipient of this cold that seems to be literally sweeping the country!  Everyone that attended B&B in Milwaukee seems to have caught something, as well as everyone I seem to run into around here locally.  I got mine from my hubby.  And I didn't get him anything....

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Show me the money

Please. Somebody.  Anybody.  Because this being broke thing is for the birds.  And even the birds probably have what they need.  I'm so disappointed that I'm having to cancel my plans to go with the bead group girls on Saturday - but I have been unable to manifest a miracle and make some money somehow.  I'm really at a loss as to how so many of my fellow beaders manage to sell so successfully - their work and their beads.  Because no one seems to want mine, no matter what the venue.  Online. In person. In a shop. At a show.  Nothing is happening.  I have 4 dollars to last me until next Friday, and that's only because MY HUSBAND gets paid that day.  I am doing a show on Sunday, but am trying not to get my hopes up.  I can't.  I've been disappointed and made no money one too many times, despite the positive manifestation work I do.
I know you guys don't like to read sad, depressing blogs, so I'll stop now.  I'll post again when there's happy to report.
And oh by the way, Bella followers - she's in heat.  LOVELY.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Moms worry

Even dog moms.  We're just getting Zeus to a point where his arthritis isn't slowing him down so much - and now I think our poor Bella has some issues.  I'm seeing signs of a possible ear infection, and maybe a bladder infection too.  Don't think she's in heat - I think the boy dog would be making a bigger fuss about her if she was.  She's not eating as well as she was a week ago, either.  So we really need to get her to the vet.  Our problem is basically lack of funds.  Zeus' arthritis issues and subsequent prescription set us back an entire two weeks worth of pay, and the current two week pay period includes the house payment - also leaving us with little to nothing left when bills are done.  I didn't think that my bead store brought me that much extra to live on, but it must have covered enough to keep me from being totally broke.  This sucks.  We've had to turn in the pocket change that we usually save in the coffee cans for vacation, and now my husband is considering cashing in his 'state quarters' that he so diligently saved for so long.  Sure wish these beads would start pulling their check from the art gallery again this month, and of course, not nearly the profit I was hoping for at the show last weekend. And I'm still really bummed that I wasn't able to get Etsy to work for me.  So many people are successful with that site - for some reason, I was not.  Even following some of the tips and tricks they suggested.  So anyway -  let's hope Sunday's market makes up for all of that.  Still trying to figure out where I'm going to get the $ for Saturday's jaunt - I need gas money, lunch money and bead money, not necessarily in that order, and also the $ for petty cash for Sunday.  May need to ask Mom for a loan....
So I am full of worry this week.  Worry about the dogs, my hubby (he is starting to feel his age and struggle with his physical job), our $ situation, my aging parents, Terry's aging parents, and anything else I can think of to worry about.  I have a feeling I will be having a few long, sleepless nights.  I'm just thankful that the 2nd degree burn I received on the sole of my foot yesterday (stray charcoal briquet) hasn't called for a trip to Redi-care.  It isn't stinging, or hurting, and I can walk on it.  Still blistery - and I'm being careful - so I hope I can continue to heal it on my own.
On the bright side - I've finished several 'Pin-dants' - which I need to photograph and get loaded on here!
They are bead embroidered pendants, with a brooch pin on the back, and also a loop at the top that can be strung on a ribbon or chain.  I am working on number 6 - and hope to have them all carded and priced and ready for market on Sunday.  And since I have no money to go anywhere and do anything this week - chances are good that I'll finish.  So that's a good thing, I think....
Peaceful, abundant beading to all, (someone's gotta be, if it isn't me)....

Three bead cheers!

For Lisa Crone over at A Bead A Day!  She has been asked to be a guest on Bead, Baubles, and Jewels!  Lisa has been kind enough to feature me and my work in her blog a few times, so I can at least return the favor!  This is HUGE - a big nod that I could only hope to achieve one day. 

And if you haven't seen or purchased Lisa's book yet - it has some very cute, very unique projects - one of which she'll be demonstrating on the show.  Bella gives it two paws up! (Hey, I may be on to something there....)
So happy for you, Lisa.  THIS is a wonderful opportunity for you!
Peaceful beading, everyone,

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Spoiled Rotten

Need I say more?
Happy Father's Day to everyone's dads, papas, pops, or whatever they are to you.  Mine is spending the day with my youngest brother and his family today.  Since I see him all the time, he's already had his 15 minutes of Father's Day fame with us!  lol
Enjoy the day.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Bella treat for you....

She is such a happy girl.  This week, we are at the "I only want the toy he/she has" stage.  So I've been wrangling and scolding a bit.  Not too much.  I'm sure it's a dominance thing, and am just glad they are being mostly playful about it.  They were both gifted with brand spanking new tennis balls yesterday, which promptly became tennis MUSH, and then proceeded to 'fight' over the red ball again.  Which is interesting, because that chewed up, dirty red ball has been outside, ignored and not wanted by the boy dog for over a year.  Brat.
I'm enjoying this new experience, and finally getting a chance to use the camera for more than jewelry photos. I'm figuring out a lot of things about it that I never knew - or needed. Like the ZOOM lens. I got some really cool garden photos using the zoom yesterday....I can't believe they actually came from MY little Sony Cybershot. Who knew? We've got 4 professional photographers in our family (two on each side), can one more be far behind? LOL (not with a tiny digital, for sure!)

And oh, by the way, I received a PHONE CALL from the director of Meridian Township events yesterday.  She wanted to let me know that she wasn't actually the 'higher up' for that show last Saturday, but that she sent my email on to the person that was.  She shared with me that she knew there were issues with the event in the past (big surprise), and they were considering cancelling future plans for it.  Which is too bad, because my guess is with the right event planner, that Art Walk could do wonders for that little 4 corner burgh.  It was a very positive phone call, followed by an extremely detailed confirmation email for HER upcoming event - the Meridian Crafters Marketplace.  It also mentions that each of us that are participating (only about 20 again this year, though, bummer) will be featured in the local community paper, and they are asking for detailed photos of our work to accompany it.  Now, THAT is marketing.
Off to get ready for a bridal shower luncheon for my nephew's fiancee.  Not real wild about this little chicky.  She's quite selfish, and from what I've seen and heard - also quite the Bridezilla.  They already have a child together, and having been living together for almost two years.  I'm almost certain the marriage won't last - so the shower should be interesting.  Maybe she'll behave with Grandma present.  Ha.
Hope you enjoyed the Bella update, everyone. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

'Curve Appeal'

I didn't think it would all come together so soon.  I had the focal part finished a few days ago, but was able to sit down yesterday after my jaunt to Williamston, and the rest just seemed to complete itself.  That top 'frilly' section actually 'curves' a bit more when it's ON, forming a sort of S curve.  The black Chinese crystal focal was a gift from my bead friend Sharon, and is the first one I've ever seen drilled in that particular direction.  Wasn't easy to work with.  And you may be wondering about how the curve stays maintained?  WIRE.    Trip to Williamston with mom wasn't quite what I had hoped yesterday.  The greenhouse was great - I would have spent more time (and probably a lot more money) there, but it's not mom's thing - so I knew she wasn't really enjoying it.  I did manage to get two pretty hanging baskets of bright flowers for $4.99 each.  And they have lots - so I may go back again once I've got funds again.  I can hold out hope for a check from the gallery this month -  can't I?
Anyway - couldn't find the big antique mall - it must be off the beaten path, which was full of orange construction barrels and detours.  Wish I'd of had a heads up on that one.  So on to Okemos to Olive Garden for lunch, and then to Wally World and Hobby Lobby.  It was still nice to spend time together, which we'll probably start making a weekly habit of again this summer. 
Bella update:  she and Zeus are starting to really bond as friends.  They are playing with toys together now, and surprisingly, I found them lying next to each other last night, practically spooning, and quite pleased with themselves.  This dog mom so happy!  I'm listening to her chase rabbits in her sleep - she's quite happy with all the wuffs and ruffs.  Cutie.
Guess I should go try to catch a few more winks myself, but I don't think I'll be chasin' rabbits. 'Night all.  Peaceful beading....

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday road trip!

Here's what's on PART of my bead table today.  I've decided not to give any more sneek peaks of my newest piece until it's complete.  (Facebook followers were the lucky peekers at the focal piece!)  The seed beads are from Fusion Beads, which have GREAT 10 gram mixes, in all the sizes.   And some Tila beads too, although I still haven't found (or better yet created) a unique pattern for them yet.  I just wanted to have several different colors on hand for when the bell rings in my head.  They're fairly new on the market, so not much is being done with them yet.  One of the WWB (Women Who Bead) group gals was working a cute bracelet with hers the other night.  One of these days I'll think of something.
And believe it or not, even after Saturday's fiasco of a show, I just send for information about doing ONE MORE this summer.  I know, crazy, right?  But instead of bringing me down and depressing me like it would have a few years ago, the situation made me so angry that I seem to want to PROVE that I can succeed at it even more.  It's a new feeling for me.  Anyway - the show I'm inquiring about is taking place in, and being sponsored by the merchants of - OLD TOWN.  Very artsy community.  I was in one of the galleries there, once.  I would like to be in one again - just not the same one.  So maybe this will give me an opportunity to meet with a few of them.  I know and have proved that my work is gallery worthy (not just beads on a string), I just have to sell MYSELF.  Much more difficult for lil' ole' me....
And as for the road trip - Mom and I will be heading for Williamston today.  The greenhouse there is having a $4.99 flat and basket sale, and they have some nice shops and boutiques there too - some of which I've always wanted to inquire at.  Lunch.  Leisure.  But maybe some rain.  Oh well.
And for you Bella watchers:  nothing really new.  She's getting along well, sleeping on the bed, pushing her new brother around, playing ball, cuddling.  So far just the perfect dog.  I'll try and get some new photos soon....
Until next time, peaceful beading,

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Making things right

For those of you that commented and have been following me since my little fiasco on Saturday, you may like to know that I did find out who the 'higher up' person was in charge of the nitwit organizer of the event, and a very professional but to the point letter was emailed to her this morning.  Not sure it will help, do good, or do anything but get me kicked out of all the rest of the summer markets (there is an affiliation between the two events), but I didn't feel that I could let the situation rest.  Especially upon speaking with a few other vendors that had dealt with her in the past.  Someone needs to know that things aren't getting done properly, or professionally.  I may have sacrificed my own summer market profits to do it - but I felt it needed to be done.  I don't know why I feel it's so important - I've had crappy, unattended shows in the past, but this one had a blatantly unprofessional, unorganized ring to it, and the full moon eclipse about to take place is making me even more outspoken.  I'll let you know if I hear back from the event coordinators superior - or even from the event coordinator herself. (EEK)
Today has turned out to be a beautiful day, and I plan to make the most of it. Time outdoors, time in my favorite places, and with some of my favorite people. And it's only Tuesday. :0D

Peaceful beading,

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chow Bella!

Try as we might, and promise each other as we did, that there would be no people food allowed for the girl - just 7 days in, Bella was treated to her first Sunday morning breakfast.  Somehow it came to be habit in our house that as we dished up our big Sunday morning breakfast, we always 'left' a little in the pans and bowls for the dog.  And somehow Zeus always knew that our trip to the kitchen after eating meant it was his turn.
So this morning was a big decision.  Zeus is patiently (or impatiently) waiting for his eggs and hashbrowns, but what do we do about the girl dog?  Hubby made the decision - Belly up to the bar!  We split the leftovers into two bowls, and sat back and counted the seconds it took them to devour it.  So much for no table scraps.  But she loved it.  What a happy girl....
And as I was making the big Sunday breakfast this morning, I realized that I hadn't seen our Bella in awhile.  Not in her spot by the back door, not in her other spot by the patio door.  Not behind the chair - not anywhere. 
I found her, along with her brother, ON the BED, getting belly rubs from my just waking husband.
It truly is a beautiful morning....for all of us!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Market Trials

Ok, kids, you wanted me to keep this blog - so I would really really appreciate any input you have regarding this situation, before I send an email to the appropriate parties involved.

First, let me simply ask you this - when organizing and putting together a festival/market/fair, or whatever you want to call it, WHO'S responsibility do YOU think it should be to do the largest share of the marketing - namely local paper ads, flyers, signage, internet, etc.  I did some of my own - Facebook, blog, flyers, word of mouth.  So did a few of the other vendors.  Well, apparently it is NOT the responsibility of our organizer.  Or so she says.  At least that's what she told me.  I was SILENTLY appalled, and INWARDLY enraged.  After all, I had to supply my own table, chair, and tent (had I chosen to be outside, which I didn't).  The event took place on city streets (or should I say STREET) in the community center, and parking area, and barely that.  So, WHAT, exactly, did I pay my entry fee for?  Or more likely - WHO did I pay it TO.  There was no marketing done to draw in vendors, of which there may have been 20 (5 of which were jewelry), and even less done to draw in customers.  (This is not a new show, and in the past, it had filled the city park AND the sidewalks of the city.)  And then to add insult to injury of the fact that there was no traffic, the organizer herself chose to critique my space, and tell me everything she thought was WRONG WITH IT.  Excuse me?  You WANT me to come back next year now?  I don't think so.  $24.00 later ($12 of which was spent by my own mother) I think I won't be doing THAT so called market again.  The scary thing is, that the organizer of THIS market is affiliated with the organizer of the next 4 markets that I'm doing IN THE SAME TOWN!  So should I expect more of the same?  I'm also doing my own marketing for that one.  Probably a good thing.
As far as my table display, again - I silently listened to all she had to say, and INWARDLY slapped her upside the head and envisioned all sorts of evil things happening to her in lots of ugly ways.  Really?  You think I should have ALL BLACK coverings and display boards?  And I have too much shiny bling?   Too much variety?  Too many colors (yellow, purple and turquoise are the color theme of my logo and all of my marketing items).  My table is too small?  Not high enough?  Really?  REALLY!   She really went there.
And to think I was all excited when I arrived early (because we were told spots were first come first serve) and could have a spot in front of - and USE - the bay window on the parking lot side of the building.  BONUS!  NOT.   Didn't make a lick of difference, other than I was able to display a bit more than I would have otherwise.  Then I discovered that in this huge room meant for 10 to 12 vendors, there were just THREE.  And a township meeting in the midst of us. Multi purpose room.  Ha.  More like somebody forgot to tell the board members they couldn't  use the building today.  So then the organizer (aka bitch) decided that we three should all be outdoors - mind you NONE of us had covers or tents.  And one of us had CANDLES.  She sent someone in to help 'carry tables' thinking that we could just pick up and move into an empty spot meant for a vendor they never got.  Not that simple. Like the window you told me I could use, HELLO?  PLUS - once it got warm out - it would have been unbearable on what was the south side of the building without any shade. Not to mention Michele's candles would have been mush.  So we stuck to our guns, stayed in the air conditioning, but had little traffic all day long.  Sad.  Really sad when I see this kind of irresponsibility and disorganization from an event coordinator.  And I know how hard it is - cuz I've done it before.  And I KNOW who's responsibility it is to do the largest share of the marketing.  It is (or should be) ONE of the things that the entry fee $ is used for!  It doesn't even bother me that I made hardly any money at this show, because I'm just too pissed off about how it was organized.  And believe me, they are going to hear about it.  But probably not today. 
So gimme your two cents.  Three cents even.  I promise I won't envision the evil things happening to you like I did to her.  :0D  I honestly (with the exception of the fact that my banner wasn't centered) didn't see any problem with my table or window display.  I'm colorful.  DEAL WITH IT.
So much for dinner and a show with my 'winnings'...let's hope the next market goes a lot better.  Heck, even a LITTLE better at this point would be welcome.
Peaceful beading everyone,

Friday, June 10, 2011

And we're off!

For another great summer of art shows and markets. 

The first of 6 will be tomorrow - and although it looks like it will be a perfect day for outdoor strolling, I made sure I was INSIDE the activity center on the main drag, just in case.  Cuz you never know.  Especially in Michigan.  So I hope that the attendees will come inside for a few, too.  I think there will be several of us in there....
And as far as Bella Beads.  Rats.  There already IS a Bella Beads.  So much for that idea.  It does have a nice ring to it, so I'm not surprised that someone already snagged it.  Guess I'll have to stick with the Cool Moon/Shescool routine.   And since I've done so much marketing lately - signage for my car, new logo, a huge banner for my booths, I should probably stick with the same name anyway.  I've been trying to get people to recognize me and my little enterprise here for so long, sticking with the same name at this point is probably better.  But Bella liked the idea!
I won't bore you with more Bella news today.  Although she DID sleep in the bedroom and ON the bed with us last night.  After only 4 days.  I think someone is enjoying being spoiled....

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Yay Bella!

She passed the 'alone in the house' test.  YAY!  Zeus (that's him looking just a bit miffed) isn't sure he likes the arrangement, as he has to stay shut in the bedroom while we're gone until we are sure they are comfortable together.  The baby gate we borrowed just doesn't work in our wonky doorways.  So she is very pleased with herself - him - not so much!   He seems to be saying "When is she leaving?".  Silly dog. 
Things are going well.  She's eating, sleeping all night, and loving the attention.  She's always coming around looking for hugs and kisses, but at the same time, is perfectly content to lie quietly at my feet while I'm beading. YAY TOO!  In fact, (because I talk to the animals) she and I discussed yesterday how she would make the perfect 'shop dog'.  I would love to be able to have another bead shop someday, and she has the temperament that would make her a great companion to take with me everyday.  Bella Beads.  We've already named it.  How could it NOT happen?  :0D
On a more serious note - Click this link to a local news article about a ridiculous measure that is currently being passed around our Michigan legislature regarding pit bulls.  HELLO?  IDIOTS?  It's not the dog that's bad - it's the owners.  But leave it to state officials (aka the idiots) to try and make this bone-headed move....  (An update just a minute ago shows they've 'shelved' the matter.  Good dog!)  Still - if you're an animal lover, it's worth knowing about.  Your town or state could be next....
Stay tuned for more updates.  I think we'll be sitting pretty with our doggie family by July!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

No Bead Table Wednesday

Not this week.  Too many other things going on, between keeping an eye on Bella, and getting ready for Saturday's Market - although I did sit yesterday and make a few things.  Some funky rings....
 A fun polymer clay bracelet.  I swear those roses look REAL enough to stop and smell them.....
 An nice, classy necklace and bracelet of Chalcedony and Crackled Agate:  "C Notes"....
 This one is for ME - I have a ring that matches the fun flower MOOD beads.
 And as many of you have read, my time is now being split between dog and bead.   Bella is learning how to be lazy and stay cool on a 90 degree day. 
 I caught her watching my husband leave for work.  She already quite attached to him.  After all, he plays with both dogs just like he would children, walks them every morning, and cuddles with them at night.  I just dole out the food!  LOL.  I do a little more than that - but he is the dog whisperer in our family....
We were able to leave her in one room and sleep in another last night.  She still won't go 'potty' without me being out there with her, a habit that's ok right now, but is going to have to change before cooler weather.
Tomorrow will be her first test of alone time - we tried blocking the doorway of one room, leaving Zeus on the other side, and then pretended to leave for a few minutes.  She wasn't very happy with that situation, and cried and scratched the whole time, with Zeus standing right there wondering why she was making such a racket.  I think we may have to just close Zeus in the bedroom for right now.  He will probably scratch for a minute, and then go to sleep.  Hopefully we won't have to keep them separated for long.  But since we don't want puppies, and they still aren't 100% comfortable with each other yet (there's still a bit of rivalry for attention and toys), I think I would feel better and worry less if we separate them. 
Ah, the wonderfully fulfilling life of a pet owner.  I don't regret the decision to take her in one bit.  And I hope Chris and Ward don't either.  It must have been the most horrible decision to have to make to part with her after 2 years of love and affection.  To me it would be like losing a child....
Now to decide between a book or the  Too bad I didn't get a bead mag in the mail today - I could do BOTH!  lol
Peaceful beading everyone.  More Bella updates coming, so stay tuned...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Girls Rule!

Boys drool.  Bella is already showing Zeus who's boss, and although the family told us she was never given table scraps, she begs better than he does!  So I think maybe she did get something, every now and then.  LOL
She's getting along very well, and has stopped pacing near the door already.  Eating her food has been a challenge, I think maybe because they didn't bring us the bowl she ate from.  She will eat the food that Zeus eats, though, so if we have to switch food to get her to eat - no problem.  I want them both to eat at the same time though, because Zeus is quite the pig - and will eat hers if she doesn't finish. 
She is, at the moment, once again terrorizing her arthritic older brother.  We found out within 24 hours of adopting her that our Black Lab has arthritis is in shoulder.  Which will slow him down.  He's been quite active for all of his almost 9 years, running, retrieving, chasing, swimming.  Somehow she already knows he can't keep up, and steals his toys (we thought HE would be the toy stealer).  I think she's having fun, and hope she's going to be very happy here.
Hoping for a quiet, COOL afternoon in the air conditioning.  I hope the dogs will settle in for mid afternoon naps, so I can bead a few things.  I did some cute poly clay bracelets yesterday.  I'm just going to dig in the drawers today and hopefully pull out some more fun things.  I know, I have projects all ready to start, all the beads gathered together and ready to go.  But just digging in my drawers, and finding things I haven't seen in awhile, and discovering a spark of what to finally do with it, is very exciting to me.  So that's the plan.
Peaceful COOL beading,

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Bella.  Isabella, actually.  But she's Bella.  My husband and I adopted her from a family that has a child that was severely allergic to her.  It was a very hard decision for them to make, one I hope I'm never faced with.
There were lots of tears involved, as you can imagine, but I hope they know that we will make her as happy as we can.  She's got a huge yard to play in, and my husband spends quality dog time daily. 
She seems to get along fine with our MALE Black Lab right now - neither of them are 'fixed', so I hope we don't see puppies in our future.  Zeus is getting old - so he really isn't showing much interest in her that way right now - that may change though, down the line.  We want her to comfortable with us, and hope it is a quick transition.  She's just been here for a few hours, and is still pacing and looking for her mommy.  This too, shall pass.

She's already getting used to playing in the yard, and having to share her toys that she brought with her with Zeus.  He doesn't like to share, so that will be a challenge.
Lots of adjustment time.  I have a pretty light week this week, having left myself prep time for the Market on Saturday.  Probably taking way more jewelry than I need to, but I just never know what the crowd will want.  I can always swap and trade things box to tables throughout the day.  And with 5 other markets planned, going well into the month of September, that will be plenty of inventory.  Unless of course, I sell out!  Wouldn't THAT be peachy! 
Stay tuned for more Bella photos and updates.  It's been about 5 years since we've been a multi dog household.  But at least it's summer (or almost) so we can spend lots of time outdoors becoming familiar with each other.
Peaceful beading,

Friday, June 3, 2011

And she is named

Congratulations JAMES (Yep, a GUY!) and also Connie - it was a double winner!  They both commented to me on Facebook with the name "Equinox", so I'll being doing double beady goody bags!
Thanks to those who participated - it was a close call.  I almost had to do eeny meeny miney moe to decide!
P.S.  BIG blog announcement coming in the next few days - big changes in this beady household.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just another Bead Table Wednesday

Not much happening as far as projects this week - my time will be split between prep for next Saturday's Art Market, time at Coyote and the Art Gallery and possibly, just possibly (hopefully) a new four legged family member.  Will post the details when all is said and done.  We're meeting her for the second time today, and today she meets our boy.  THAT will be a big factor. 
Happy Wednesday everyone.  And don't forget to leave me a comment and suggest your name for my latest finished piece: 

I'll pick my favorite, and send a free bag of beady goodies to someone on Friday morning!