Friday, November 20, 2009

Class conundrum

If there's anybody out there that actually reads this blog, that has any class teaching experience - then this is a shout out to you:   I need help.  I love teaching beading classes, and people ask me "do you teach?" on a regular basis.  However - how do I actually get them to sign up?  I've got two classes on the calendar right now that several people have asked (no, BEGGED) me for.  One of them is tomorrow - no takers.  One of them is in two weeks - the 5th of December.  I contacted the ladies that asked about that one - nope, they're not signing up 'right now' either.  So what the?   WHY ask if you teach classes, BEG the instructor to find the time to put together a kit complete with instructions, beads, and whatever else that is needed, and then NOT take the class that you asked for?  It takes A LOT of work to put that all together.  And if I go ahead and sell them as kits with instructions in the shop, do I charge more - or less?  I am getting very frustrated with this particular part of the bead biz - but hate to not give them the option.  I'm also thinking of offering ONLY one on one sessions instead of an actual CLASS.  So HELP.  What is your take? 

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hustle and bustle...

Well, I made quite a dent in adding the fringe to my "Night Music" piece yesterday, but alas, the holiday season will have me putting it away for now.  I realized as I was beading yesterday, that I have some regular customers that will be looking for some specific types of jewelry that I seem to be short on right now - so today and tomorrow will be used to create new and redesign some of the older pieces of simple but classy semi precious pieces.  I also have some ideas for some earrings to make.  I have TONS of earrings in stock - but I find myself with ideas for more - and since they're quite 'Christmas-y' I better get crackin'.
Still on the hunt for the perfect project/class table to take the place of the display case I sold.  I'd like to have it in place before next weeks embellished spiral class - but since I'm past the mid-month stage, I'm also getting low on cash.  Especially since my hubby's daily travels back and forth to the woods have sucked his gas tank and wallet dry - and now he's raiding mine!    So I guess I'm paying for that venison after all!  :0)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New classes - and no deer

After 3 entire days of sitting in the woods from pre-dawn to dusk and seeing absolutely NO deer - my husband is taking the day off from hunting.  He does have another area he could try, that is a little closer to home even - but his DOE permit is for the big area - the so far empty area of the county.  He's a little frustrated - but he's been getting calls from his brother - who has been down with H1N1 - so as soon as he's up and ready - I think they'll go again.  I hope so.  My mouth is watering for that venison.....
On a beading note - I've planned a winter class schedule.  So many people ask me about classes - so here goes.....
This Saturday is Simple, Basic Earring Making - wire wrap wires.  Easy.  Peasy.  Only $15 for everything. Two sessions - noon and 3:30.....
Saturday, December 5th - Embellishing Spiral Rope.  Also $15 - this will include the instruction and accent beads to embellish with.  There is "homework" to complete before the class - please bring your completed bracelet length spiral rope.  (Obviously, knowledge of spiral rope stitch required). 
In January - Saturday, Jan. 23rd - Making a beaded 'button'.  I will instruct on creating a shank button with RAW and seed beads.  I'm still in the idea stages of this one - and lots of trial and error.  I hope I'm ready in time!  I'll post more details after the holidays.  (yikes.  I'm so not ready for those).
Lots more ideas rattling around in my head.  I finally sold the diagonal display case - so I now have room for dancing!   No, really - I am on the hunt for a nice, lightweight work table so that I have more teaching space, and space for sit down designers.  That will be an experiment and a test of honesty of my customers - they are going to be asked to pay for ALL their design purchases BEFORE they sit and use them to create with.  I believe I have trustworthy customers - so it shouldn't be an issue.
I was recently informed of another bead store closing in the area.  While part of me is jumping for joy (more customers for me! YAY!), I am also sad to see another one fall to the sagging economy. That leaves just 4 of us now - out of the original 9 within a 40 mile radius.    And this particular one is one that I worked and taught at for awhile - so I was surprised to hear she didn't make it.  Farewell, Malinda.  I hope you are well and will find good fortune in the future. 
My "Night Music" project is coming along - and definitely progressing intuitively.  It's gonna take awhile - but will definitely be a work of art when complete.  Maybe some teaser photos soon.  We'll see....

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'll continue...but not as often

So I decided during this 10 day hiatus that I miss blogging.  It IS a good source of journaling, and a release for me, so I guess it doesn't matter that no one is 'listening'.  Plus, I love posting the photos and telling their stories.  Not always room to do that on Facebook or PhotoBucket.   I think that there may be someone that sees these every now and then, so here's a teaser for my next big project - one that may be in progress for awhile, what with the holidays fast approaching (gotta get those gifts made).  I mentioned in a previous post that I had purchased a lampwork leaf with frog detail when I was in Florida.  So my next project, including this frog focal, some ferns, leaves, and other forest-y named "Night Music".  Stay tuned.....

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Last blog?

This could be my last blog. Seriously. I've been doing this for about a year now, and thought that I would have more followers, more commenters, and more opportunities because of it. I suppose it is a good journaling source for me - but is it really working for me? No. Sadly. I enjoy the blogs that I read - and I read them DAILY. Beverly's is gorgeous - so full of color and happy. And Marcia's is so upbeat, and all about keeping everyone informed on her wonderful beading success. There are several others - Kate McKinnon's is a riot, and all the rest that share thoughts, and ideas, and sorrows, and happiness. I had hoped to be a bigger part of that group.
Alas - maybe it wasn't meant to be. At least I'll always have Facebook.....unless they change the format again, that is. Don't get me started....
Thanks to those of you who visited now and then. I always appreciated and loved your comments. I haven't made the final decision yet - but not blogging would certainly give me more time to do other bead.....