Saturday, January 29, 2011

Transformation complete

I don't have a photo yet - but the studio transformation has been made.  I've closed the shop inside the antique mall, and moved my design and teaching operation to here at home.  I'll have the whole month of February, and probably some of March to design, play, prepare for phase 2, and BREATHE. 
Yesterday was quite stressful, and I know that the owners, as well as a vendor or two that I thought I was on friendly terms with - are upset with me, and unfortunately there's not really anything I can say to them to make them understand.   I've been studying the teachings of Abraham for the last year, and I'm learning to manifest, be abundant and LIVE a positive life. Unfortunately, there's been lots of negative energy and nasty words being passed around there these days.  So I, in turn, manifested a bigger, better opportunity that would allow me to move on and away from those energies.  It was just TIME. 
So for those of you that read my blog - you're among the first to hear the details as I know them:  Beginning in March (date not set yet) my bead shop will again be located INSIDE another shop - but this time - it's one I know well:  Coyote Wisdom Books & More is a great metaphysical (new age) book and gift store that is like a second home to me.  I will be renting floor and counter space from the owner, and maintaining shop hours 2 or 3 days a week - just like I did at the antique mall.  The main focus will be on the semi precious beads, and what can be made with them to wear for healing, etc.  I will also have a small amount of some of the go alongs, accents, silver and of course, a case of my finished things - where I can once again display and sell my FACE OF THE GODDESS pieces and know that they will be appreciated and given positive raves.  The customer base at the antique store - mostly just passers by looking for flea market deals and antiques, just didn't get my mystical design style.  I am so excited to get started on the new venture.  I know that I technically had 3 more potential sales days at the antique store shop, but I just had to make the break.  Still have a few things to go back and get - probably Monday.  And  it's not like I'm completely leaving as I originally planned-I'm maintaining a case of my finished lower end jewelry pieces there for a few months, so I'll be putting in a little bit of time there after all.  But it still feels to me as though they were pushing me out, and it has made me very uncomfortable there. Hopefully by the time I have to work my first shift (must work and pay rent to maintain space there), they will have gotten over whatever unhappiness this whole drama has caused them.   It was time for change - and I couldn't be more excited about it. And I LOVE how the studio space worked out - I'll take a photo tomorrow - wait until you see!
Ok.  I think I've babbled sufficiently for one evening. 
TTFN  Bead happy!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Half way there...

Here is a photo AFTER the pushing and shoving and organizing yesterday - all that is to be added is the desk (replacing that teeny table), and my THREE rolling tray carts of beads that are still at the shop.  Those are coming home on Wednesday - and we should soon have completion.  Now just looking forward to finalizing the details about the Beads at Coyote thing - planned to do some sit down discussion with the owner today - but - HA!  SNOW DAY!  Nasty, slick, ick, and I called her instead.  She is leaving for Tucson on Friday, so we will finalize all when she returns.  And by then, I should have a better idea of how I'm going to inventory and tag it all.  It needs to be clear, and easy to understand - for both her customers AND her clerks.  I'm sure it will all work out - just need to get started. 
I had a couple of other photos - but they didn't size right - so I think I'll post those over on my website -  
TTFN!  Thanks for reading!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

In the midst

I don't know if I'm as brave as some of you - to take a photo of my disorganized, half way to completion, soon to be home studio.  I've been pushing, shoving and piling all week - so it's not very attractive right now.  In fact, I'll have to do some major rearranging of furniture and 'piles' today if I want to finish the project on my worktable right away.  Which I do, because the permanent, bigger worktable comes home from the shop on Wednesday.  And you know - I thought I would have more pangs of regret, more sadness, and would just generally feel bad about my last days as "that bead store in the Schoolhouse".  But you know what?  I'm excited!  Not feeling regrettful at all.  Wish I could sell more of the furniture pieces I don't need - but otherwise....:0)
Back in October when I decided that I needed the change, the break, I had no idea that I would be given such a wonderful opportunity to once again be a daily participant in the new age community.  They are like family to me (I managed a sister store for 6 years), and are so loving and supportive of me and my decisions.  The new plan - which I like to call my new adventure in beads - won't start until March-which gives me an entire month OFF.  Unless you count the studio organization, inventory, photos, and planning - but doing it from home, with no other obligations has me almost giddy with excitement.  I can hardly wait.  :0)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Better blogging

I know I should be blogging more often.  In fact, I love to blog.  But it seems that the wonderful thing called TIME has just gotten away from me AGAIN this week.  I have sooooooo many things to do - moving out of the antique shop, photos of Etsy listings, descriptions of Etsy listings, ETSY LISTINGS, website listings, a UFO that is thisclose to be finished on the work table, an Art Gallery to visit to check inventory - and it just goes on and on.  So I am really looking forward to February - no shop, no classes, no OBLIGATIONS - other than the ones I just mentioned, of course.  I just hope I'm up to the real task of February - preparing for my new adventure in beading that is coming in March - adding my beads to the inventory at the bookstore.  Coyote Wisdom is a wonderful place, one that I'm sure I've probably blogged about before.  It's a new age bookstore - with healers, and readers, and people that just have a much different perspective on life than many out there in the day to day world.  It is very uplifting to be in the presence of  POSITIVE people almost every day, let me tell ya.  Very little negative thought, always a supportive hug, cheers, and HAPPINESS everywhere.  What could be a better atmosphere for a little bead shop?  And I do mean little.  Just starting out with a few standing racks and a little round table - but the positive affirmation and abundance thought is BIGGER and BETTER.  All in good time - and good company.  Can't wait to be there...I know that I will draw a whole new customer base with the semi precious BEAD option (now they can wear jewelry with their needed energies, not just tote them in their pocket), and I hope some of my current ones will find themselves at home there too.  Great things to come....including better blogging.  I promise.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

One of those nonbead posts....

I dreamed of dancing earlier.  But since I wasn't actually DOING the dancing, but rather watching from the sidelines, I'm still trying to interpret it's meaning.
Dreaming of dancing generally means you are ready to change your 'dance', or your life, looking forward to a new phase, and embracing the future.  For me - ALL OF THE ABOVE.  But since I wasn't the actual dancer - does it mean I am just going to be a simple observer of life passing by, or am I really, really FINALLY going to participate in the life that I want? 
Closing my little store hasn't been easy for me.  I'm feeling overwhelmed with thought, a little regret, and A LOT of heartache.  A LOT of wondering about what lies ahead.  Since I love designing, working with, and heck, just PLAYING with my beads, I definitely don't want to give that part up.  But how much jewelry can one girl own?  Competing for sales with ALL (and I do mean ALL) of the other local area designers is a daunting task, even for someone like me that's been in the 'biz' for almost 20 years.  Our area is overwhelmed with wannabe jewelry entrepeneurs and underwhelmed with people with the CASH to truly appreciate us.
So I've posted links, made comments, joined Facebook, created a website, sold a few things on Etsy, and have done as best I could to be a part of the online community.  And I think my thoughts about that is what may have prompted the dream....wondering if I'll falter, miss a step and have to sit this one out, OR can I hold my own in the on line world, and dance right along with the rest of you?   I am still hearing Ann Murray's "Can I Have This Dance" in my head, even now.  And I want to answer - YES!  For the rest of my life......

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Magic Rainbow

It's sort of fitting that I just finished this unique rainbow necklace, because we had a rather unique phenomenon happen here in town on that same day - something called a "circumzenithal arc" appeared over our city - it's basically an upside down rainbow.  I wish I had seen it myself, and had been able to photograph it.  I'm not able to put the photo from paper in my blog (without jumping through hoops and paying for it's use), but if you want to see it yourself you can go to
or just Google Circumzenithal Arc for more info on them.  Very rare.  Very COOL!
Anyway, above is "The Magic Rainbow".  As usual - big, bright and chunky!  I've had that big, huge toggle for awhile, just waiting for the right project.  The other pieces and parts were from an older piece that are now repurposed into MAGIC.  MAGIC because the section on the left with the big, chunky white squares is removeable, and is actually a bracelet, with the necklace then becoming shorter.  Voila!  MAGIC!  I'm pretty happy with the result of this one.  Who knows where my head gets it's ideas...I just run with them!
ENJOY everyone, and bead happy!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another work in progress....

Now that the Website is almost complete, I am working on the home studio today.  These are 'work in progress' photos - the empty corner will be filled with TWO rolling organizer tray carts that are currently still at the shop.  I will also be replacing the teeny tiny round table with my DESK that is also at the shop.  I also plan to add another stack of shelves to the short section on the right.  LOTS left to do - but as long as I'm still at the shop almost every day until the end of the month, I need some of the items there.  But the big stuff is done - had a FULL curio cabinet and the equally full big shelf to swap from room to room to make it all work out.
Shew.  A positive spin on the snow day I took today - at least I got alot accomplished!  I will post another photo when my little space is complete....

Monday, January 10, 2011

Official Web Site!

It's  up, it's running - and it will soon have a PayPal button. is my official website, with new news about classes at Coyote Wisdom  links to Etsy, and other cool stuff as well.  I'm going to keep this blog going for awhile, just to be sure the kinks are unkinked on the site - but I think we got it!  Many, MANY, MANY thanks to my friend James for his wonderful knowledge and assistance in getting it going - he's a wonderful artist, author, and all round great guy!  Check out his work at
I think that's enough links for one post, don't you?  But stay tuned - cuz there may be more interesting links and fun stuff to add - both here, and on the website.  I'm also getting a little farther everyday with my dining room turned studio - and tomorrow is supposed to be a nasty snow day - so I may get even further with it if I stay here and work.  I'll try to post some 'in progress' photos soon.
TTFN!  Bead Happy!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's a blog share trifecta!

I guess Lisa Crone and I just have a lot of beading styles in common.  Once again - for the THIRD time in just the span of a week or so - I'm featured in her blog!
She blogged yesterday wondering about using prisms from old chandeliers in her jewelry.   And wouldn't ya know - that's exactly one of the mediums I've been working with of late.  In fact, two of my prism pieces are on display and for sale in one of our local Art Galleries right now
with a third for sale on my Etsy site (the BLACK one)

I'm so grateful to Lisa for once again using ME as an example to her other beady bloggy readers and I hope to see a few of you over here on mine!
Stay tuned!  Because even though I'm ending one chapter of my life (see previous blog post), I'm beginning another, and my head has NOT stopped churning out new design ideas!  Posting soon:  "The Magic Rainbow" - a front toggle necklace that shortens because one side can also be a bracelet!  FUN!
TTFN fellow beaders.....bead happy!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Cool project storage - and a new piece!

I really don't like shopping at Walmart.  In fact, I don't actually 'shop' there - but there are occasionally things that I need to pick up and Walmart is just the most convenient.  So while picking up something earlier this week, I came across THIS wonderful little thing - and I may need to go and get more of them.  It's a document box-that will be used as a PROJECT box!  Look how the magazine (in this case, the latest B&B) fits right inside, and the dividers fit nicely on top, to keep all the supplies needed for that project nice and organized.  The dividers are also removeable if I have more project than I do box!  This is cool and I even like the color (no purple though, bummer).  Now I'm even more excited about starting this new project.

I've also just finished another one of my favorite things to make - a Chunky Charm bracelet.  This one is called "Stormy Weather".  It was very hard to photograph with today's "stormy weather" outside - but the barrels are actually a deep, dark purple Sugilite, and the gray pearls actually have a hint of lavender.  I LOVE the stick pearl 'lightning".  $45.00 at Coyote Wisdom....
Happy beading everyone!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bittersweet Endings

The end is drawing near.  As excited as I have been about what my future will bring (is already bringing), I am starting to feel really sad about closing my bead shop.  After all, it was a part of my almost daily life for over 4 years - working with and around beads everyday just made me happy.  And still does.  But things weren't quite working out the way I felt they should be - mostly importantly, after 4 years - my sales TANKED.  Yes, I know the economy is bad - especially in my area (Lansing, MI - the CAR capitol of the Midwest).  But it was sort of like a Catch 22 - the customers slowed, the new inventory purchasing slowed, the customers slowed even more because there was no new inventory, and the end (at least in it's current configuration) was inevitable.  The owners of the establishment where my little bead shop is located (inside a craft and antique mall) have been a bit touchy (understandably I suppose - I was paying them quite a big portion of rent), and I feel on pins and needles with eggshells thrown in when I'm there these days.  I still feel I'm doing the right thing - with the best yet to come - but also feel just a bit of meloncholy.  This too, shall pass....
I'll be blogging again soon with the details of the next part of my 'adventures in beading'.  It is very possible that my beads (and myself) will become a much bigger part of the metaphysical bookstore I frequent, and teach in.  I specialize in semi precious beads, as well as having a mystical style in my beading - so much of my inventory and my jewelry fits right in - not to mention the fact that I've worked with and around most of the faery folks there for almost 10 years (I managed a similar store before I owned my beadstore).  Still in the talking stages - waiting for the planets to align....
More soon.
Sheryl ~Cool Moon

Monday, January 3, 2011

New site in the works!

I was lucky enough to still be able to get my old web domain name back -  So once my friend James is finished getting my site set up through Wordpress, I'll be good to go!  I could have done it myself I suppose, but he seemed to have a few tricks up his sleeve that will add some fun stuff to the site.  It will work like a blog - but with the opportunity to purchase items too.  Not on a huge scale - sticking with Etsy for that for now - but things that will keep people checking back for more.  I'll have some other things on the site too - some of my metaphysical musings, my feng shui fun, my bead beeswax, and lots more.
I hope to still use this site too, at least for awhile - but if I do decide to switch to the new one full time - you'll hear about it HERE first!
I have also been presented with a wonderful opportunity to expand my bead AND jewelry sales through Coyote Wisdom - my favorite metaphysical bookstore.  We're still in the talking process, working out the details - but look for more info coming soon  -  we hope to have it up and ready by MARCH!  Here's Coyote's link if you'd like some info about them -
TTFN, beady friends!