Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Wishin' and rantin'

The show year is already shaping UP!  LOOK at the applications I've already received for shows I participated in last year! Williamston.  Grand Ledge.  Haslett.  There are still at least 3 more coming from the various Okemos venues, as well as a couple new ones that I hope to be able to do.  There was also one that I already decided NOT to do this year - but will probably attend and find out whether the drive, the hotel and the WORK will be worth my while NEXT year.
WHEW!  I've got some major manifestation of show fees to do!

Part of me wishes ($$$ wise) that show season could last ALL 12 months; and if I could find the right venues, galleries, consignment stores, etc. - I suppose it could.  But part of me is sort of happy for the 'breather' - the time to kick back, not touch a bead if so inclined, read a book or two or ten, and mull, think, ideate and CREATE the plan for the year ahead.  Sort of what I've been doing.  As I mentioned in a previous post or two - the year didn't quite start out on a winning note - with a major bout of 'sniffles' and just blah feeling, and my muse hightailing it to warmer climes. 


Finally though - she has returned, and I've managed to crank out a fair amount of denim pieces in the last week or so:

 Plus a few others too - one of which SOLD the same day I posted it on Facebook.  Which brings me to the rantin' part of this blog (I may have mentioned how much I love a good segue)...

I recently read an article, or maybe it was a blog post, about artists, and how using social media to BRAG about our work was wrong; that in most cases, our 'pats on the back' were an exaggeration and most artists were not worthy - even of their own praise.  WHAAAAAATTTT?   Excuse me?
You know - it has taken me a looooooooooong time to learn to be proud OUT LOUD about my art. To NOT be humble and hide my light. That my work that I MAKE MONEY FROM is just as worthy and important as the person selling cars or insurance.  And I STILL. STILL find it hard sometimes to sell myself to others (especially face to face), to simply say thank you when the compliments do flow from those that truly appreciate what I do.  But to NOT share?   In this day and age of being plugged in, and ONLINE for everything?   Granted - I did not finish reading the article/blog - and honestly, maybe I should.  But I got to that point with such anger and disappointment at their view on artists, that I couldn't.    Why is ART, especially in beaded form, so hard for people to take seriously?    Maybe if enough of us out here in the bead world shout out loud, especially on social media like Facebook and our blogs, websites, Twitter, and the like - we'll take over the WORLD!  

Wish I could have found a photo of a BEADED WORLD!  THAT would have been awesome!

Stay warm, dry and bead happy.  Watch for developing class, event, shows and STUFF from Cool Moon!

Peaceful beading,

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Starting fresh (again)

Well that week didn't quite go as I had planned.  Neither one of the pieces that I had in mind for entering contests have turned out NEARLY as worthy as they need to to qualify.  "Drawing" board, I return to you.

 I believe my Muse may have hightailed it for warmer temperatures.  Can't says I blame them....

I am working on completing ONE of those pieces -

 I won't enter it in a contest as I'd planned, but it can still go in my inventory, or to the art gallery next switch out.  I'm also considering a second try at a gallery here in town that I've been a part of in the past.  I need to make some inquiries regarding rent and hours required to work before I commit, as well as feel them out about how they think my denim pieces ( I would only submit those) would sell.  It IS in Old Town - where they were very well received over the summer, so we'll see.

So I guess my week wasn't so bad after all.  I have a list of things to do, inquire and mull about.  In the dead of winter, I guess I can't ask for much more than that.  Except for maybe some Etsy sales.
Honestly kids - I don't think re opening my shop was such a great idea.  WAAAAAAAY too many beaded jewelry (especially bead EMBROIDERED beaded jewelry) sellers to compete with - from all over the globe.  So don't be surprised if I shut it down again.  I WILL keep the album of pieces on Facebook though - as well as the one here on the blog - although I admit it needs an update - badly.
That will have to be for another day - another long, cold, dark, snowy winter day.  BLAH.  :(

Stay warm and bead....

Peaceful beading,

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New year! New Opportunities! NEW FUN!

So excited to finally put this one OUT THERE!  A new friend put the thought in my head back before Christmas - and I've been mulling it and making it work in my sometimes stuffed up head ever since.  But here it is.  THIS IS GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN!    

A NEW Cool Moon ongoing event geared just for you!: Beginning March 5th, FIRST Thursday bead class and play night. 3pm to 8pm, classes begin at 3, but playtime- bringing beads and snacks and hanging out - can be anytime between 3 and 8! First class: Bead Embroidery Basics- flattering that flatback. Message me if you're interested and we'll talk about the details like cost and supplies....

I am also venturing into new territory SHOW wise this year - OUT OF TOWN events.  Because I am lucky to have such great friends and family - I'm able to share and/or borrow vehicle space to get where I'm going.  I HOPE that the first show of the season is going to be in Saline, Michigan - down by Ann Arbor.  It will be an over-nighter - show starts at 8AM! Not sure how much profit can be made from having to shell out for food, gas and lodging - but since this is considered THE NUMBER ONE show in the state by major craft show organizers - it may open a few new doors.  That makes it worth it right there.  And another first for this particular show (although it IS only a few months away - MARCH!)  ALL DENIM.

Going to create an entire inventory of earrings, bracelets and few other fun and unique things too, all with my "Enlightened Denim".  If it turns out to be a success - you may soon see a SALE on many of the NON-DENIM pieces.  I do still love them though - so I don't plan to give them up entirely....and believe it or not, there are a few of my customers that just don't dig the denim.... I KNOW!  

It makes me want to scream.  And speaking of screaming (I love a good segue)...

The February/March 2015 BEADWORK magazine holds something very special for me this issue!    I'm a CHALLENGE participant!  Beadwork chooses winners from email inquiries; a certain number of participants each issue, along with a member of their staff.  We get FREEEEEBIIIIIEEEEEES!  from a fun, unique bead source, that we can use as much or as little of as we wish - and KEEP the rest!  MINE WAS AWESOME!  From Aria Designs/Lisa Kan - and included a beautiful length of Shibori ribbon. 
I really need to inquire about when we might be getting our pieces back; because THIS ONE IS MINE! and I want to WEAR IT!

So I hope you've received your issue already - if not - RUN! don't walk :)  - to your nearest LBS and GET ONE!  Cuz I'M IN THERE!

And last but oh so not least - I really really love The Shiawassee Art Center in Owosso.
They are a great bunch of people, and have a beautiful facility (which I've blogged of in the past).  So why am I blogging about them again today you might ask?
Only because I GOT A HUGE WHOPPING CHECK in the mail today for work sold over the holidays!  FOUR items!  Doesn't sound like a lot (I have over 20 in their inventory), but according to them - it's huge.  I'm popular.  And they like me.  They really, really like me.

So there you have it.  My first week of 2015 is spent coughing, hacking, wheezing and BREEZING through lots of cool ideas and bead projects.  Just wait til you see what the rest of the year is going to bring.  I know I can't!  

Peaceful beading,

Friday, January 2, 2015

(Almost) Happy 2015!

While it hasn't started out as fun and full of accomplishment as I might have hoped....

I'm still muddliing through.  A little green at times... but muddling.

Who knew that an out of town family member would bring with them the gift that just keeps on giving... a nasty virus that has been passed to half the family at last count.
She didn't.  We didn't.
I wish it hadn't remained such a secret until it was too late.  

At this point, just 2 days in to a new year - I usually have all my holiday decorations down.

Instead - I'm the one that's down.  For the count.
Finally coming up with a little energy today - hence the blog post (and a new Etsy listing!)
I've even beaded a little bit - but I hate to do that when I'm blowing and coughing - big giant hand sanitizer at the ready, for sure.
Next (or maybe next AFTER a nap) I plan to tackle the Christmas tree.
Hoping for the energy to have all the decorations put away.  Before Easter, or if I'm really lucky - Valentines Day.  
Next post will be bigger, brighter and BETTER!  Promise

Peaceful beading,