Friday, January 2, 2015

(Almost) Happy 2015!

While it hasn't started out as fun and full of accomplishment as I might have hoped....

I'm still muddliing through.  A little green at times... but muddling.

Who knew that an out of town family member would bring with them the gift that just keeps on giving... a nasty virus that has been passed to half the family at last count.
She didn't.  We didn't.
I wish it hadn't remained such a secret until it was too late.  

At this point, just 2 days in to a new year - I usually have all my holiday decorations down.

Instead - I'm the one that's down.  For the count.
Finally coming up with a little energy today - hence the blog post (and a new Etsy listing!)
I've even beaded a little bit - but I hate to do that when I'm blowing and coughing - big giant hand sanitizer at the ready, for sure.
Next (or maybe next AFTER a nap) I plan to tackle the Christmas tree.
Hoping for the energy to have all the decorations put away.  Before Easter, or if I'm really lucky - Valentines Day.  
Next post will be bigger, brighter and BETTER!  Promise

Peaceful beading,

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